Apple Likely To Ditch The Classic Front Home Button In Iphone 8

We had already established that will be imbibing some of the 'never-seen-before' changes in their iPhone 10th-anniversary release handset. The upcoming flagship phone, dubbed as Apple iPhone 8 in Dubai UAE is touted to bring in a breakthrough in the world of smartphones. This next-gen device will be packed with distinctive features, which could make it stand out from the rest of the contemporary flagship phones of 2017. Though no clear picture has been framed about Apple iPhone 8, it has been surrounded by numerous rumors ever since its inception came to fore. Till date, we have come across plenty of leaked information about the handset, giving us a peek into what the upcoming iPhone 8 will likely be!

The giant Cupertino company has decided to ditch some of the key elements in their flagship phone, to break the monotony.


As per the latest tidbit, Apple iPhone 8 in Dubai UAE won't have a physical home button. The circular sized metallic home button had turned out to be a part of the iPhone's identity over the years. To initiate a fresh trend in their handsets, the global tech firm has begun manufacturing the upcoming iPhone 8 without a physical home button. The news was affirmed by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) sources, Apple's prime supplier. The company has apparently begun production of the new A11 chip for Apple.

Earlier this month, a leaked video of the upcoming iPhone 8 had surfaced the internet giving a 360-degree preview of the handset. The video had rendered no home button on the front. Following the news, people started speculating that the fingerprint scanner might be placed on the rear along with the camera setup, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. But no, Apple has different plans. The global tech firm will be imbibing the concept of optical fingerprint sensor underneath the display. The all glass display of the handset will be embedded with the sensor from within. That would be an all new different concept to look for, isn't it?


Moreover, talking about the other distinct features, Apple iPhone 8 is expected to have infrared image sensors which could boost the camera operations and AR support. Two days back we had informed you that Apple will most likely develop a unique upgrade for its Artificial Intelligence processor, which can enhance the operations of the device even smoother. The AI can be found in all the Apple devices including iPhone 8, iPads and Macs. It is reported that chip will be referred as Apple Neural Engine, which will boost the functioning of the phone's applications. Though the development is at an early stage, once built it will make the operations even faster and swifter besides improving the battery life and other key inbuilt features. You can check our blog 'Apple iPhone 8 To Feature An Upgraded Artificial Intelligence Chip!' for more details about it.

Based on the rumors, Apple for the first time will launch its iPhone 8 with a wide 5.8 inches edge-to-edge OLED display framed in an all-glass and stainless steel design. The rear of iPhone 8 will have a vertical dual camera setup with no fingerprint sensor. Moreover, there are almost no bezels around the screen, giving it a sleek and elegant look. Apple iPhone 8 appears to be thicker than its predecessors, Apple iPhone 7 in Dubai UAE and iPhone 7 Plus in Dubai UAE by measuring approximately 143.5 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm. The other two previous handsets measured 7.1 mm and 7.3 mm, respectively. The handset will also receive features like wireless charging, Iris scanner, and water/dust resistant.


As discussed earlier, iPhone 8 is expected to have a 3GB RAM and 64GB internal storage and be powered by Apple's next-gen processor (the A10X or A11). It is also speculated that Apple is likely to unveil its two other premium models, dubbed as iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, along with the anniversary release edition.

People can place pre-orders for iPhone 8 in September and the delivery of the handset will begin from October.

Apple iPhone 8 Launch Date, Price in Dubai UAE

The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 launch date in Dubai UAE is expected to be released in September. Apple iPhone 8 price is Dubai, UAE is likely to start from a hefty 3673 AED.



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