Apple To Release Foldable iPhone in 2020

The rumors pertaining to Samsung Galaxy X- the foldable Android phone is still in the air. Now, Apple is said to be working on foldable iPhone that may make its debut in 2020. One of the Bank of America analysts claims that Apple is working with Asian company to redesign the upcoming iPhone model. The new model might face the dramatic changes in the new foldable form factor. This Apple foldable phone can be double the size of the tablet when unfolded.


However, this isn’t the first time that this was in news. In 2016, a Korean report said that LG was developing mass production of foldable displays. In 2017, it is rumored that LG display had an agreement with Apple to supply foldable display that might feature the futuristic iPhones. Moreover, one of the Apple patents was spotted last year for an electronic device which includes the flexible portion that allows the device to fold. These foldable displays make take advantage of the flexible nature of the OLED display.

How Will The Apple Foldable Phone Look Like?

Now, the question is how will the Apple implement the foldable iPhone concept? Well! It would be two screens connected by a hinge. It can be opened up like a book that works with the software to make it as a full-screen display. Or there is a chance for a new design which could be a single foldable screen which is flexible enough to be molded. However, it is not sure if Apple is going to announce foldable iPhone in 2020 given the fact that Apple has started researching the technology recently.


The Cupertino company is well known for introducing innovative products and features. If this concept is to be true, then probably we can have a foldable iPhone that may give a tough competition to Samsung which is even planning to implement this new tech. These rumors are speculative and we need to wait until the official release to get an idea of what the actual foldable iPhone is actually offering. Meanwhile, have a look at iPhone X Plus features which is planned for launch in 2018 UAE. Along with the Apple, even Huawei is planning to launch a foldable phone that may make its debut soon.

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