Apple Rumored To Create Curved iPhones and TouchLess iPhone Controls

The future of iPhones is here. It is like the tech giant is planning for something big and innovative for the futuristic iPhones. Apple is likely to ditch the touch controls and include touchless iPhone controls. Rumors further suggest that the company is exploring even on the curved screen display. The curved display with innovative touchless control! Vow! Sounds amazing right!


With the integration of gesture controls, iPhone users will be able to control the software just by giving off the gesture accordingly. This innovative technology is ought to be advanced that can sense your finger proximity to iPhone screen. Apple introduced the feature of TrueDepth technology with the face ID in iPhone X. Every year, the Cupertino company is looking to make their devices more interesting and different from other smartphone manufacturers. It is trying to implement new ways in order to attract more users and make the device more interactive simultaneously.

Future iPhones With Curved Screen

According to few sources, Apple is planning for the iPhone displays which will have a curved screen that can be bend inward from top to bottom. This concept is different from the rumored Samsung foldable device concept which bends both inwards and outwards down through the edges. The iPhone X has OLED displays but it is completely flat. However, there are few rumors that Apple is again planning to use the LCD screen in the upcoming iPhones. In fact, LCD displays are less flexible than the OLED displays that can be folded and molded into curves.


One of its most popular rival Samsung has already implemented these two technologies long time back in the Samsung Galaxy S4. It features air gestures that let to scroll down the webpage or browse the photos. Now, the same gesture control or probably the more advanced version may debut in the upcoming Apple iPhones. Reports suggest that both these features are still in the early research stage and it may take around two to three years to implement them. Other rumors claim that we could see the foldable iPhones sometime in 2020. However, Apple hasn’t confirmed or commented anything about the future iPhone concept. So, it is worth taking all the rumors with a pinch of salt for now. Renders suggest the tech giant working on the iPhone X Plus in UAE which can be released this year.

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