Apple To Introduce “Digital Health App” To End iPhone Addiction

Apple iPhone is such an amazing smartphone as it has become an addiction. The appealing features of the iPhone and its demand among the people have made it more attractive. Apple has always been criticized for bringing things which involve the user in such a way that even user is not able to value its time. Earlier this year, two major Apple shareholders criticized that children’s use of smartphones is damaging their development and it should be dealt with.


By keeping that in mind Apple has come up with some different software this time to make sure that its user is able to keep an eye on their time and be more productive as well. Every year in the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple used to bring out some great and amazing features which intend a user to get more involved and enjoy iPhone experience.


This time the company has decided to bring the cure to the addiction of the iPhone use.  The iPhone addiction phenomena have aroused a lot so Apple has to consider working on it. It was a trend of Apple to develop features which increase the involvement of its users and glue it to the screen but this time the brand has decided to work on the opposite.


Apple has been working on a software that can help the user to limit his\her time for the iPhone usage. The purpose behind this new idea is to make people use iPhone mindfully. The new Apple software which is iOS 12 is going to be unveiled on Monday which will highlight the upcoming year software strategy and other aspects of the iPhone and iPad. Apple is going to present the app known as “Digital Health”. It is an app which is made up of some tools that would help the user to identify its time usage in each app, the user would be able to limit his\her time for each app as well and after that, the user won’t be able to access that particular app. Google has also introduced this kind of app for Android P visible on the dashboard of the smartphone and records the consumption of the user time for each app and makes the user aware of the required break.

Digital Health App

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