Apple to launch 6.5-Inches iPhone X1 S Plus in 2020

While all smartphone companies preparing to launch foldable phones in the near future. Apple has chosen a different path and is planning for bigger screen iPhone X1 S Plus in 2020.

According to few analysts’ review, Apple could launch an iPhone with 6.5 -inches OLED display. This is good news for OLED display manufacturers like LG who are already collaborating with Apple.



The OLED display for iPhone X is from Samsung manufacturers. Information from few sources revealed that Apple is looking forward to reducing investment on Samsung for display manufacturing. The firm is targeting LG manufacturers to build iPhone displays.

As per Chuljoong Kim, the 6.5 inches iPhone may use 180 panels per sheet when compared to iPhone X that uses 230 panels. This is a real-time challenge, especially for suppliers.


Kim Said that “Smartphone models featuring flexible OLED will likely increase sharply thanks to the positive market response to the iPhone X”

The analyst further predicted that Apple may launch iPhone X with “S” series in three sizes. The bigger is 6.5 Inches. All the three models will feature Face ID. However, it is sure that one of the models will have LCD screen that is retailed at a lower price.

If the Cupertino Company sticks on to the naming series of iPhone X, the upcoming model in 2018 would be iPhone X S and iPhone XI. If the forecast from the famous Apple’s analyst goes true, then iPhone XI S Plus may launch in 2020.

Besides this, analyst even says that Apple will further concentrate on foldable OLED display as well in future. However, it is likely that the firm may launch a foldable smartphone in 2019.

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