Apple To Unveil Three Fresh MacBooks In June has already created a stir in the smartphone industry with the rumored launch of its next-gen iPhone 8, the iPhone 10th anniversary release. Now, the global giant is gearing up to unveil their three brand new MacBooks in Dubai UAE in June at the 2017 WWDC platform. It seems like Apple has a lot in stock to offer to its followers this year!

When it comes to market strategy, Apple has always been a step ahead of its contemporaries. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced its latest Surface Pro 5 with high-end specifications and improvisations. Striking at the right time, Apple has released the news about its new MacBooks in Dubai UAE, which could shift the spotlight from the latter. Apple in March had hinted towards the launch of its series of products lined up for 2017, without disclosing much about it in detail. However, now the top brand has revealed about its three MacBook models, which will be crafted with fresh designs and tucked with upgraded features. The three models are rumored to be a 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.



Both MacBook Pro and the 12-inch MacBook variant will be packed with similar features. The new MacBook Pro will have the updated Intel Core i processor series, 7th generation or Kaby Lake, as the platform while the 12 inches MacBook will share the same attributes with Core i chipset. Similarly, the MacBook Air will receive some stimulating specification variations, which could pump up its sale.

Basically, the entire MacBook series will imbibe some of the refreshing features in terms of design and software, which could be a treat to the Apple lovers.


2017 has been a remarkable year for Apple till now with stacks of success records acquired by the company.

The global conglomerate had recently recorded the highest stocks ever by exceeding the $153.50 bn margin for the first time. Apple's shares have escalated up to 50 % in the past few months. For the first time in the history of the company, Apple's market limit has exceeded $800 billion valuations. Market analysts have predicted that if the sales rate proceeds in this pattern, then Apple will be the first company to become the World’s First Trillion Dollar Company Soon!



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