Apple Watch Series 2 Review


Apple Watch series 2 is the 3rd of its kind, a smartwatch series by Apple that has capabilities beyond time keeping. The watch is basically designed around the concept to function with the Apple iPhone 5, and newer models running on iOS 8.1 or future versions. It can serve a user with its numerous functions, by simply tapping the watch! Moreover, whether it’s for functions like calling, replying to a text message, or checking any notification, all of it appears on the face of the watch, thus letting you perform your task without having to take out your phone. The dial sizes of the series are 32 mm and 48 mm.



Released in September 2016, the Watch Series 2 shares many features with its two predecessors, Watch Series 1 and Watch Series, including one of the most popular ones which is the heart rate sensor to record the beats per minute by sensing the blood pressure. And that’s not all! The Accelerometer, to measure acceleration while running, is another addition to it that helps users maintain a healthy lifestyle, while a Gyroscope senses the orientation of the device. It is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, and an ambient light sensor. On the whole the smartwatch has all the latest health oriented capabilities, and also incorporates fitness tracking.


Now the latest features added to this watch series are really exciting. While its predecessors were only splash resistant, this series of smartwatch is water resistant for up to 50 meters of depth. It has a self-protection system of expelling any residual water, after a swim or when it has been immersed in water, using its speakers. Moreover, it also keeps track of your swimming record by recording lap data, and distance covered. And to add ease to application, the touch function of the watch can be disabled while it's submerged in water. Now the users have the freedom to wear it anytime, anywhere!


GPS is built into the watch! No need to take out your iPhone. The watch is enough to navigate you. You can even locate your watch when you misplace it!


The Apple Watch Series II has a bigger and improved battery, i.e. 273 mAH for 32mm and 334 mAH 48mm dial versions.


A second-generation OLED Retina display with 1000 units, generates clearer and crisp display. Previous versions had 450 units making the Series II twice as bright, and letting users experience better outdoor visibility.


The Watch Series II is supported by the latest operating system, the Watch OS 3. The Watch OS 3 comes with exciting new features and better security options. Users can even unlock their MacBook with the latest Watch OS 3 (compatible only with the Watch Series II).

Ten applications can be updated and/or run in the background. During a workout, users can even view all five workout metrics at the same time, which includes distance, pace, active calories, heart rate, and elapsed time.

Beside the Watch OS 3 that changed the overall user experience, the second biggest change in the Watch Series II is the all new Apple S2 processor. It’s a dual core processor that delivers up to 50% higher performance.

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