Apple WWDC 2017: iPhone 8, iPads, Macbooks, iOS 11 And Much More In Store!

Days after the 10th annual Google I/O developer conference, it is finally now time for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be held at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California between June 5 and June 9. Ahead of the grand event, we can't wait to witness the revolutionary revelations to be made by the global tech giant about its upcoming products and software. The annual summit is being organized since 1983 by to showcase the new software and technologies. With just a few hours left for the conference to begin, Apple lovers are excited to know more about what the Cupertino company has in store this year.

Sources suggest that the giant conglomerate will announce a set of upcoming products lined up for 2017 release. While the expected products include new iPads, Macbooks, iPhone 8 and Siri smart speaker, the software announcement could be iOS 11, watchOS 4, MacOS 10.13 and tvOS 11 with highly updated features. Let's quickly jot down the expected declarations that could possibly make its way to the event.

  1. Macbooks

It was earlier speculated that will be unveiling its three brand new MacBooks in Dubai UAE in June at the 2017 WWDC platform. Apple in March had hinted towards the launch of its series of products lined up for 2017, without disclosing much about it in detail. However, now the top brand has revealed about its three MacBook models, which will be crafted with fresh designs and tucked with upgraded features. The three models are rumored to be a 12-inch MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. Both MacBook Pro and the 12-inch MacBook variant will be packed with similar features. The new MacBook Pro will have the updated Intel Core i processor series, 7th generation or Kaby Lake, as the platform while the 12 inches MacBook will share the same attributes with Core i chipset. Similarly, the MacBook Air will receive some stimulating specification variations, which could pump up its sale. Basically, the entire MacBook series will imbibe some of the refreshing features in terms of design and software, which could be a treat to the Apple lovers.


  1. Apple iPhone 8

This highly-anticipated Apple device has been the cynosure of tech world ever since it was hinted by the global company. Apple iPhone will celebrate its decade-long success in the industry this year and iPhone 8 in Dubai UAE is touted to be a gift for the Apple lovers by the company. The handset will be packed with distinctive features which could take the concept of smartphone to another level. Read 'Is This How The Upcoming Apple iPhone 8 Will Look Like?' to get an overview of the premium handset. After the hill of speculations, it is but obvious for us to expect that Apple might make an official announcement of their 2017 flagship at the WWDC. Let's wait and watch.


  1. New iPad Pro models

Two iPad Pro tablets are expected to be launched by the global firm at the conference. The devices will come in two screen sizes- 10.5 inches display and 12.9 inches display. The 10.5 display iPad tablet will have a svelte design with thinner bezels and be packed with stereo speakers, a virtual Home Button and repositioned mic. Similarly, the 12.9 inches variant of the tablet will have high-end specifications and come in two formats- cellular and non-cellular. It is also rumored that Apple will unwrap Apple Pencil 2 in the event.

  1. Smarter Siri

Apple iPhones became extremely popular with the concept of artificial intelligence Siri. It became a favorite feature of the users. But over the time, no qualitative upgrade has been received by Siri. Moreover, many other top brands including Samsung (Bixby), Google (Google assistant), Microsoft (Cortana) are bringing out their best digital assistants. So, it is suspected that Apple will imbibe higher upgrades in Siri to make it smarter and better. This might be one of the announcements at the conference.

  1. iOS 11 (macOS, tvOS, watchOS)

On the software front, Apple is most likely to declare about its updated operating system, iOS 11. This could be the highlight of the event. With the introduction of the updated OS, there will be some major changes seen in the device. There are chances that the Facetime could receive some long-awaited specification changes including the group video call ability besides revamped Apple Music store. Similarly, talking about the macOS 10.13, tvOS 11, and watchOS 4, the macOS will receive the updated 10.13 version and can be renamed while the tvOS and watchOS will be upgraded to 11 and 4 versions respectively. However, it is yet to be confirmed what exact changes can be witnessed in the products after the updates.

We don't have to wait for long to unwrap the mysteries prevailing around the upcoming Apple devices and software as Apple CEO Tim Cook will soon be revealing the details at the long impending WWDC.


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