Apple And Xiaomi Take Over Fitbit To Rule Wearables Market In Q1 Of 2017

Global tech giants, Apple and Xiaomi, have already created a flutter in the market with their upcoming flagship phones, iPhone 8 and Mi 6. But, things are not just confined to the smartphone industry as both the top brands have paved their way to the wearables market and have registered record breaking profits worldwide. As per the latest strata of Q1 of 2017, Apple and Xiaomi have taken a lead in the wearables market by shipping around 24.7 million wearable devices as compared to the 20.9 million units which were dispatched in 2016. This indicates a remarkable increase of 17.9% in the first quarter consignment of both the years. The figure was disclosed by International Data Corporation (IDC) recently.

The hike in the total profit has even surpassed the collection of popular brands Fitbit and Garmin. The sales of these top wearable devices manufacturers have declined drastically in the first quarter of 2017.


Talking about the present scenario,  Research Manager for IDC’s Wearables team, Ramon Llamas said, “Fitbit finds itself in the midst of a transformation as user tastes evolve from fitness bands to watches and other products."

Analyzing the market, Llamas further added that, “Due to the decrease in the craze for fitness bands as compared to the smartwatches and other technically equipped gadgets, Xiaomi and Apple got a chance to reach out to the current demand of people by offering them their high-end gadgets. This allowed Xiaomi to throttle up on its inexpensive devices within the China market and for Apple to leverage its position as the leading smartwatch provider worldwide. Now that Xiaomi and Apple have supplanted Fitbit, the next question is whether they will be able to maintain their position."

Meanwhile, tech analysts have also predicted that though the market is down for Fitbit and Garmin in this quarter, things might take a quick turn with these companies launching their exclusively customized devices in the next segment. Moreover, with a follower of around 50 million, Fitbit can definitely make it back to the race soon.


Apple is currently making interesting revelations at the WWDC, which is escalating the excitement of people towards its upcoming gadgets and software including the most-awaited Apple iPhone 8, new iPads, MacBooks and iOS 11. Similarly, Chinese brand Xiaomi is also having a good time with the incredible response garnered by people for its beautifully designed 2017 flagship Xiaomi Mi 6.


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