Asus ROG Phone: The Beast In Gaming Smartphones

As the name itself stands for the game land lovers, ROG means "Republic of Gamers”. Asus has made a completely different division of business which is dedicated for the smartphones specially designed for games, the division is not only responsible for the gaming smartphones but it also delivers gaming computers, gaming PC components, peripherals, and accessories. This time Asus has come up with the beast of all gaming smartphones Asus ROG phone. The features of the phone convert the smartphone into a gaming machine.



The smartphone is really designed in the way that it exactly gives an impression of a hardcore gaming device. The smartphone has a ROG logo at the back; it is edgy and classy at the same time. It has shine and attractive look as well because it actually features a programmable RGB backlight, using the dedicated app which helps to choose a static color, have it pulsating, strobing, cycling through various colors or switched off entirely. The smartphone also has some graphical pattern of lines around the dual camera setup. The side of the smartphone has a special design with an edgy style. There is also a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner in a unique rectangular shape matches with smartphone graphical pattern at the back. The dimensions are 158.8 x 76.2 x 8.6mm with 200g weight.



On the front, the phone has a superior AMOLED display which produces deeper colors and better contrast. It has a 6-inch display screen. The ROG Phone has a 90Hz display which leads to refreshing itself 90 times per second and directs games to be played at 90 frames-per-second (fps).



It has the powerful processor setup specially designed for games Snapdragon 845 processor with the chip model "overclocked" to 2.96GHz while typical smartphones using 2.8GHz.  This gives the smartphone upgraded 160MHz of processing power and slight performance bump. The smartphone rules with 8GB of RAM, whereas, commonly smartphone are releasing 4GB to 6GB of RAM. The pile of 8GB RAM helps Asus ROG to perform more smoothly and undoubtedly freely with the game performance. The internal storage is 128GB / 512GB.  It has dual rear camera 12MP + 8MP (120-degree wide-angle) and 8MP front camera. The operating system is Android 8.1 Oreo with custom "ROG Gaming" ZenUI skin. The phone is backed up with 4,000mAh, USB Type-C, 20W fast charging.


AeroActive Cooler

The smartphone is designed to play high-level games so it is obvious the heat will be generated by the powerful processor when the smartphone is used at the maximum, to cure this Asus also made an accessory cooling fan, which cools down the heat while the user is playing a game. The smartphone also has the built-in cooling system which keeps the system cool to an extent.


Extra Buttons

To maximize the gaming experience the smartphone has "AirTrigger" buttons on the left edge act like the shoulder buttons on a console gamepad controller to give you extra controls while gaming.


TwinView Dock

The Asus ROG can be turned into a twin view dock veritable handheld gaming device with a second screen and more buttons. This is another accessory designed for ROG phone with the similar concept to Nintendo's 3DS handheld device.


Mobile Desktop Dock

The smartphone can also be placed on the mobile desktop dock to experience the games on the monitor screen with the attached accessories like keyboard and mouse. It will give superior control through keyboard and mouse and full-size screen view on the monitor. The ROG Phone in the dock supports ultra-high resolution 4K monitors.


WiGig Dock (Wireless TV Connection)

The smartphone can also be connected to the television through a WiGig dock. This dock fits the Asus ROG phone in the center while it  has buttons to control and joystick features which help the user to experience the game at its best.


Asus ROG Phone Release Date And Price

The expected release is in the third quarter of 2018. The prices are also not confirmed yet.


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