Best Android Apps to Have Fun with Your Friends

It is time for being naughty with your friends. It is quite normal to pull your friend’s leg and have fun. Today we have brought you a list of fun apps which you can use to fool around with your friends. But always remember a joke is a joke as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Let’s get started-

Make a fake call and SMS (Android smartphones):

Android Apps

With this app you can make a fake call to your friends from any number and the app will automatically change to any number of your choice. Also, you can create fake messages, create fake call logs with the app. So play a prank on your friends and have fun.

Stop Wi-Fi connection of others Wi-Fi Kill:

Android Apps

Kill Wi-Fi connection of others allows you to stop the user’s Wi-Fi connection. If two people are on the same Wi-Fi network you can stop your friend’s internet connection. And can hack the bandwidth which will not allow your friend to use the internet connection.

Cracked Screen:

Android Apps

This app allows you to create fake apps on the screen of Android handsets. Download and install this app on your friend’s mobile and scare them by making a false crack on the display.

Create Fake WhatsApp and Facebook Conversations:

Android Apps

This app enables you to make fake data and can also create fake screenshots of WhatsApp and Facebook conversation. You can try this on your friends and make them confused. Enjoy!

Change of Voice:

Android Apps

This app lets you change your voice and talk with your friend over the phone. You can also record your friend’s voice and apply some effects to make it sound funny.

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