The Best Android Hacking Apps & Tools

In the world of internet, the security is always at risk. Hackers are always alert and ever ready to collect your personal data and information. And of late it has been found out that cyber terrorists are attacking Android users.

We have today brought you some apps and tools that are meant for the security testing and ethical hacking and for those people who are interested to explore the tech world.

1. The Android Network Hacking Toolkit


The Android Network Hacking Toolkit is created to check penetration testing and ethical hacking to test a network and its vulnerabilities through the mobile phone. The toolkit comprises of many apps that find out vulnerabilities and then use it. The Android Network Hacking Toolkit is developed by a security firm in Israel named Zimperium. It was announced at the Defcon conference.


2. Nmap for Android


Nmap works both on Android and Windows platform, however, when it was first developed it was only supported by Unix OS. Nmap is not an official app. It will scan and then mail the results.


3. FaceNiff 2.4 Final- Session Hijacker for Android


FaceNiff is perfect for you to hack the popular social site Facebook and Twitter. This website is created by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz and is exclusively for the Android devices.


4. AnDOSid- DOS Tool for Android


The AnDOSid is especially for security professionals. It is a risky attack as it may pull down the server. This site enables the security professionals to affect a DOS attack and also a DDoS on a web server from smartphones.


5. SSHDroid- Android Secure Shell


The SSHDroid offers a special security when you will be linking to the remote machine. The SShDroid is an SSH server execution for Android. This app also lets you connect to your gadget from a desktop and implement commands. Example- “terminal” and “ADB shell”


6. Hack code


This app is one of the most favorites of cyber hackers. It is also called as a Hacker’s Toolbox which supports for penetration testing, Ethical hacking, IT administrator and Cybersecurity professional to carry many tasks like reconnaissance, scanning performing exploits etc. It also comprises of several tools like Google Hacking, Google Dorks, Whois, and Scanning etc.


7. AndroRAT


AndroRAT stands for Remote Administration Tool for Android platform is for client and server application which is made in Java Android for the client side and for the Java/Swing for the Server. The aim is to control the Android OS and extract information from it.


8. SpoofApp


As the name suggests, this app lets the users to Spoof calls with any caller ID number. You can change what phone number displays on the receiver’s phone when you are calling. You can even change your voice and record calls. It’s basically a fun app.


9. WhatsApp Sniffer


This Android App lets the users receive the text messages from WhatsApp messenger from handsets that share the same Wi-Fi with you. It can be found out by an antivirus so you should disable it before you use the WhatsApp Sniffer. And remember WhatsApp Messenger is different from WhatsApp Sniffer.


10. Evil Operator


Now, this is a naughty app. This app connects two people in call and they think that they have called each other. One can even record and save the call conversation.

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