Best Apps to Remote Control Android Device Via PC

Why exactly do you need to have a remote control for Android device from a PC? Well! There are several reasons that specify its need. While you are working on a computer and suddenly you are in need of a file that is on your Android smartphone. Then you need to juggle between the phone and PC to transfer your files. This could be quite tedious and what if the file needs to be sent instantly? Suddenly, if your friend or your boss decides to have a conversation instantly, then you need to leave your computer and work on Android device.


But what if you can use the same PC to have a conversation by opening one window on your computer? Quite exciting right! So, considering the importance of both the Android device and PC, here we have listed out few apps that let you have a remote control of Android device from any PC. Now you can let your smartphone to get fully charged while you manage the task from the personal computer.

Access Your Android Device From A PC


Looking to control your Samsung device from the PC? Here is a Samsung SideSync that lets you share the screen/data conveniently between the PC and Android phone. This is mainly intended to transfer files, data or check for any notifications from your PC. Once the PC and mobile device are installed with the SideSync, then you can check the notifications, alarms, messages, phone calls and more.


Now its quite easy to receive a phone call or send a reply to the text message with an ease from your personal computer. In case of a wired connection, then you can even enjoy gaming. Though limited to the Samsung devices, it is one of the best options available to control your Android device. Even the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus support the SideSync application.


Need the best replacement for the USB cables to connect the Android device to PC? There is nothing better than AirDroid that lets you connect PC and Android phone. Using the app, you can transfer the data, reply to the text messages, manage applications or view photos. This just acts as a web server that allows the personal computer and the Android device to communicate via a single network. You can get the app for free. Of course, the paid version adds extra features.



One of the popular tools that let to have control of Android through PC is Vysor. This is developed by the well-known app developer in the Android world, Koushik Datta. The Vysor app runs along with the Google Chrome thus making it available on every computer. So, With the Vysor app, you can have a control over any OS including PC, ChromeOS, Mac and more. In case you don’t prefer to install with the Chrome browser then there is even a separate desktop app.


To take an advantage of the Vysor app, firstly enable USB debugging and download ADB for windows. Then install Vysor for the Google Chrome. Launch the applications and click Ok for the connection. There is even a desktop client program and a dedicated app to do so. The app even allows you to share your device access to other people in case your device need troubleshoot. Like all other apps, the Vysor is available both in paid and free versions. The paid version will let you have more features.


Though this tool doesn’t allow you to do the actual task of remote control of Android device via PC, it has the ability to share the computer mouse and Keyboard with the Android smartphone via a USB cable. It just works as if there is an additional monitor to your PC. After connecting, just use the mouse cursor over the screen to make use of it. Install the DeskDock application on your Android device.


According to the OS used, download the server program and then connect it to the USB cable. The application is user-friendly thus making it simple to use. You can avail most of its features in free version. To take full advantage of the PRO setup, you need to pay in few bucks.


Rather than iOS, Android was always proved to be a flexible OS to work on. It can make many things simpler and lets you have access to many applications with an ease. The AutoRemote app gives you full access to the Android device even though the device is far away. From the normal phone setting to automatic switching of network connection even while the screen is off. Everything is in reach now with Tasker and it includes 200 plus built-in actions that can automate several actions. After installing the app, you will be given a specific URL. This URL lets you have access from anywhere. The AutoRemote app is a separate part of Tasker and it costs you some amount to get access.

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