Best Camera Apps You Need To Elevate Your Photography for Android

In these recent years, we can find a lot of improvement in the camera system of smartphones. The advanced technology implemented is increasing the ability to capture high-quality images.


Despite these stunning pictures, people tend to use the camera apps to enhance the viewing experience. There are plenty of camera apps that let you add some tweaks to your photos. With those numerous apps, it is difficult to decide which one is the best. Keeping it in mind, we have listed out our choice of Best camera Apps in UAE that takes your photography to next level.

Google Photos

Organize, edit, store or access all your photos at an ease with this camera app. Google Photos lets you have a back up of photos automatically to the Google Cloud. This, in turn, saves a lot of storage space on your phone. This includes a set of built-in editing tools that many of us do not recognize.


The special filters allow adjusting the photo with just a single tap. Google Photos provides you with 13 different varieties of filters. Just scroll through the options available and choose the best. Google photos not only allow you to adjust the sliders but also let you adjust colour, light, contrast, and shades. This is an excellent all-around app to make your photos look fantastic before you upload.

Camera Zoom FX

There is so much to do with the Camera Zoom FX. It can be an action shot, collage, photo filters or more, everything is possible with this best camera app for Android. The app is now available in the updated version which includes full manual DSLR controls.


There includes Best photo mode, Silent camera mode, multiple flash mode, scene mode and HDR mode pro to choose from. One can add hundreds of effects to the photos thus making to look more attractive. This attractive app is available both in free and paid versions.

Google Camera with HDR +

Google Camera app is the best choice for both beginners and experienced photographers. The Nexus and Pixel Owners can make use of this app to get the best of it as these phones support Google’s HDR + mode. This mode is quite helpful to enhance the smartphone imaging capability even in the low light conditions.


Camera FV-5

Looking out for the DSLR camera like features in your smartphone? Then there is an app Camera FV-5. This is a best professional camera app that lets you have DSLR like controls on your smartphone. Just capture the raw photographs and process it later to add some stunning effects to your photo. It includes many photographic parameters that are handy and adjustable.


The Long exposure supports lets you have beautiful night photos and trails with long exposure up to 30 seconds. All the camera functions like EV, ISO, and colour are adjustable. It includes the most advanced electronic viewfinder. The powerful storage options allow you to store photos in different locations.

Camera360 Ultimate

This is one of the popular camera apps available in the Google Play Store. Instead of applying filters after the picture is taken, this app has a lens-filter system which can be applied before taking a picture. It packs in huge effects that let you wonder about its availability.


Ease of use is what makes it so popular. It doesn’t confuse the end users by integrating all the options into a single menu. The Camera360 Ultimate also features stickers and cartoon effects to add before sharing.

These best Android camera Apps in UAE are available for free on Google play store. 

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