The Best Nintendo Switch gifts for Christmas 2017: Amplify the Gaming Experience with These Best Consoles

The Holiday Season is on! Christmas is almost near! It's time to celebrate and have fun exchanging gifts.  So, are you worried about the gift options? If you are planning to gift a person who is crazy playing games especially with Nintendo Switch. Here are few ideas that may be helpful in taking a decision.

Looking out for the gift ideas that can amplify the gaming experience with Nintendo Switch? Then here is the best Nintendo Switch Accessories in UAE that enhances the gaming to next level for this Christmas.


One of the best accessories is the Arctics 3 Bluetooth that lets the switch users have a simultaneous voice chat without disturbing the gameplay. The officially licensed play stand from Hori lets the user have the best motion control possible even while travelling. To protect your console we have an AMDISI protective case. Apart from this we even have a complete case to carry the entire Nintendo switch setup.

Here we list out top 5 Best Nintendo Switch gifts in UAE for this Christmas 2017.

SWITCH playstand

Instead of sticking on to the regular handheld mode, with the Hori play stand in UAE, you can just place the stand still, adjust it to the required angles and enjoy your game at your convenience. The compact nature of the play stand makes it more useful and handy along with switch console.




The transparent casing and premium grip make it a perfect choice for gifting. The Nintendo Switch Pro controller in UAE houses the same buttons as in original switch, but this can be operated more easily with its controller options.


This definitely enhances the gaming experience which may not be possible with just images and sounds out there. The accessory comes in with USB Type-c connector and cable to charge the console. You can have uninterrupted gaming experience for about 40 hours with a single charge.


This crystal case is specially designed for Nintendo switch. The transparent yet simple design enhances the natural beauty of the entire set. It houses the slim fit design with the precision cutout that lets the user have easy access to all buttons.


To offer maximum protection, there is an anti-scratch hard shell PC material that protects against shock, dust, fingerprints or sudden drop. The compact nature and the crystal design makes the Nintendo switch crystal Shockproof case in UAE a perfect choice to gift.


Have you ever thought of using the Bluetooth headset with a gaming console? Now with this Nintendo Bluetooth headset in UAE, you can stay connected through chat, phone calls and even listen to music while gaming.


Sounds interesting right! Then what are you waiting for? Plan it now and gift it to someone who can enjoy the gaming experience and stay connected simultaneously. Through the switch chat mobile application, the user can connect Bluetooth to the Nintendo switch wirelessly. With the wired connection, the user can have a game audio.


The idea behind the arcade gaming case is quite simple. The gaming case accommodates your Nintendo switch in a relatively small package. It sports full grain leather cover that ensures a sophisticated carry. The Nintendo console is completely secured with a premium leather flap.

downloadAfter placing the Nintendo switch in a comfortable space, there is enough room in the case for the play stand, and USBC cord as well. The nylon handle has a smooth finish with a leather grip that lets the gamer to easily grab and hold.

Now, it is up to you of which one you are planning to gift for this Christmas 2017. However, we assure you that these are the top Best Nintendo Switch gifts ideas in UAE.

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