Best PS 4 Accessories to Own in 2018

Own a PS4? But confused about what accessories to buy? Need not worry! With so many options out there, we refined the search with our favourite PS4 accessories in UAE. The right accessories boast the gaming experience with PS4. So let’s explore in detail.


Best PS4 Headset- Astro A50

With everyone out there it is quite difficult to enjoy the top-notch gaming with the best audio. Having a best PS4 gaming headset could let you blast the volume while gaming. Astro A50 would be the best choice for the wireless gaming audio.

The A50 gaming headset is a plug-and-play that is compatible with PS4. It features Dolby 7.1 audio. Apart from the excellent audio quality, it packs in some excellent features like wireless charging capability. The biggest feature of A50 is its MixAmp. This is a game/voice balance toggle switch that is comfortably placed on the right side of the headset.


You can connect the A50 to any dedicated receiver and switch between with the toggle switch. There is an LCD screen that lets you have a glance at the battery charge. Great sound, wireless audio, and a great battery life make it a perfect accessory for PS4.

Best PS4 Controller Charger- Power A DualShock 4 Dual charger

This is only licensed charging dock for the PS 4 controller. It works with AC adapters that let you charge the controller without any hassle. Apart from the charging station, it comes in with USB cable. This is a super stable dual charger that works really great with PS4. Continue the uninterrupted gaming experience with DualShock 4 charging dock.


Best VR headset- Sony PlayStation VR

If games are the only thing you have, then nothing is much better than PlayStation VR. If you have a PS4 then this is the must-have accessory to take your gaming to the next level. It is the only way to have the feel of live gaming or scare yourself with some scary games.


Best Fighting Stick- Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4

If you want to experience the gaming with a fighting stick then Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 would be the best option. It ensures immense fun in a convenient package. It features a traditional 8-button layout with a joystick. Though small, but it is comfortable enough to store and transport.


This would be the perfect gaming stick for fighting games, arcade games and many more.  It is officially licensed by Sony and is compatible with PS4 and PS3. The compact design with the features of traditional arcade stick controller makes it more attractive.

Best Racing Wheel- Thrustmaster T300 RS

The racing wheel that is worth to buy is Thrustmaster T300 RS. It incorporates the high-quality features that make it so powerful. 


The great pack of the accessories boosts up the gaming experience with PS4. So, add more fun to the PS4 gaming with these best PS4 accessories in UAE. 

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