The Best Smartphone in Portrait Camera: iPhone X, Note 8 or Pixel 2?

Is Photography your passion but cannot afford to take DSLR or action cameras? Smartphones are here to accomplish your passion. So you need not invest much in cameras to get the best output.

Prefer buying the smartphone with Portrait mode to get great shots in minimum budget. Here in this article, we provide you the comparison among the top giant smartphones available in the market with the in-built portrait mode.

Portrait Camera

Portrait mode is useful for the pictures with blurred background. Giving an artistic effect to the background with the standstill foreground is possible only with the best camera.

Though this feature is implemented in almost all recent flagships, the outcome quality is different in each version. Here we took the top rolling models iPhone X, Note 8 and Pixel 2 for comparison.

Portrait Camera

Google Pixel 2 uses a single camera to produce the so-called Bokeh effect. The other phones like iPhone X and Note 8 use two cameras to get the same effect. The Pixel 2 portrait mode works with AI and sensor’s dual pixel features.

One can differentiate the best portrait picture with another depending on how the focused image is separated from the blurred background.

Portrait Camera

The iPhone X with its two photo lens zooms in the subject and later differentiates it. But the Apple portrait mode will overexpose the background. In pixel 2, with the image processing, the subject is made look sharper. The Note 8 is different and gives the option to adjust bokeh intensity.

Portrait Camera

Both Pixel 2 and iPhone X have portrait mode even for the selfies. The iPhone X faces the same issue again of overexposing the background. The Pixel 2 doesn’t have any such problem. The Note 8 is out of comparison in this case as it does not support selfie portrait mode.

Next is the transparency comparison. The iPhone X and Note 8 does not show up the same transparency as in Pixel 2. Though the devices use dual camera lens, they failed up to reach the expectations. The Pixel 2 does a much better job in differentiating the transparent subject with the blurred background image.

Portrait Camera

When portrait mode is tried in poor lighting conditions iPhone X leads the test. The Pixel 2 and Note 8 were unable to blur the background in low light areas. The iPhone X was able to deliver the image perfectly.

Until now we have seen only single subject scenarios. Now let us check with a scenario in which there include two faces in a single picture. Surprisingly all three devices were at its best in giving a sharp image with a perfect bokeh.

Well, to conclude, all the models are best in camera portrait mode. Google Pixel 2 gave us the great result in almost many scenarios. It is quite appreciable that the Google product is able to deliver sharp images even by using a single camera.

But it is true that the portrait images taken in every scenario is perfect and one cannot identify any flaw unless you have a closer look.

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