BEWARE!! This Malware Remains Active Even After Being Deleted From PC


The security specialist at McAfee has discovered a new type of banking malware named Pinkslipbot also known as Qakbot which is a dangerous one because even after being removed by an anti-virus, the malware can still remain active in your PC. This is the specialty of Qakbot malware.



The hazardous virus, a banking Trojan has been active for ten years. It was first found out in 2007, since then it has developed to be more precarious that even after it is deleted it still resides on the computer.


This banking malware primarily targets the US-based enterprises. The malware powers an enormous botnet comprising of more than 500,000 infected PCs that steal almost more than half a million records per day.


The details and names of credit cards, social security numbers, online banking credentials, email passwords, digital certificates, etc. are obtained through keyloggers or Man-in-the-Browser. They stealthily creep into your computer through a back door and download other malicious programs.


As of now, experts are ignorant of how an infected machine can be transformed to a control proxy server. The McAfee experts have released a free tool that allows detecting if the malware has turned the computer into control server and eliminate the threat.


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