Blackberry Keyone Undergoes Durability Test And The Result Is Astounding!

We are all aware that the elite brand Blackberry has left no stones unturned for a powerful comeback this year with its flagship Blackberry Keyone. The classic brand which once ruled the industry was sidelined after the launch of Android and iOS devices. To re-establish the position, Blackberry has brought out its highly-anticipated Android flagship Keyone. On the software front, the handset features some of the signature elements of Blackberry wrapped in a black rubber rear structure. To assert the sustainability of the handset, a stringent durability test was done by popular YouTuber Jerry on Blackberry Keyone in his channel 'JerryRigEverything', and the result is impressive!

In the video, which has gone viral on the internet, the latest flagship from Blackberry is seen undergoing rigorous durability test including scratching, burning and bend testing. The handset holds up pretty well to the extreme conditions as compared to its competitors.

The YouTuber begins with the scratch test, where he is seen scrapping the screen of Blackberry Keyone with a sharp tool. The result is pretty impressive as the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 refrained the display from getting maximum damage.

We already know that Blackberry has retained its classic physical full QWERTY keypad in the new flagship. The keypad is furthermore interesting as it is touch sensitive and can navigate the action without exactly pressing the buttons.

In the second phase of the video, the Youtuber is seen trying out severe scratching test on the physical keypad with a sharp razor blade. Even with the extreme scratching, the handset is seen properly functioning. The scrolling function still works well. Another interesting element of the handset is that the fingerprint sensor is cleverly hidden beneath the SpaceBar key. Even after heavy nicking on the spacebar, the fingerprint scanner is barely affected. It is able to read and scan the fingerprint of the user. In the next step, the YoutTuber is seen scratching both the front and rear cameras, with the razor blade. While some damage could be seen on the front camera, flash and the rear dual-tone flash, the back camera hardly receives any damage. Except for the back camera, all the others are built in glass. The circular rear camera has a plastic coating protected in a metal frame. The exterior of the handset, the rubber back, and silver metal edges, also undergoes a severe scratch test and some marks could be seen in those.


The burn test resulted in impressive outcome with the mark remaining only for six seconds and recovered completely.

However, the phone couldn't sustain the bent test as the display is seen popping out in a click.

Going by the overall durability test, Blackberry Keyone manages to sustain maximum damages. The only cause of worry will be the display but that can be settled if handled more carefully. To read more about the Blackberry Keyone specifications, check our blog 'Blackberry Keyone houses Snapdragon 625, Android 7.0 Nougat'.

Blackberry Keyone Price in Dubai UAE is 3401 AED.

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