Here is How you can Make the iPhone X transparent!

The iPhone X is a gem. A beautiful charming glass bodied phone also has an attractive inside. Recently, the iFixit team gave us a deep insight into the smartphone.

iPhone X

When you see the inside of the Apple iPhone X you will see the technological excellence of the Cupertino Company. And now users are turning their device transparent so that you can always have a look at the sheer brilliance of the Apple Inc.

It doesn’t actually make it transparent. This trick is developed by a team at iFixit who has clicked the pic of the inside of the iPhone X and later turned it into a wallpaper. And this makes it look as if the smartphone is transparent.

iPhone X

You will get two options- the first is the standard image of the inside of the device and the second is an X-ray of the latest Apple handset. Visit the iFixit website and download and install the one into your iPhone X. This will give a different look at your handset.

And very soon iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is also going to get a transparent wallpaper.

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