Check your Partner’s Loyalty with This App!

Trust and loyalty are two keys to any relationship. You just cannot compromise on any of the two factors. Also constantly doubting your partner would make you or your partner happy.


But how will you know if your partner is cheating you? So today we are going to help you with this. SwipeBuster is a website which will tell you if your partner in Tinder which is a popular application for flirting.


SwipeBuster is like a nightmare who cheat their boyfriend or girlfriend. It is because it easily locates the location of the deceiver who uses Tinder application. As Independent has published, to do so simply you have to enter your data: number, age, gender, and location.


Once the location is found out the interested party receives an email. If your partner is not on Tinder then you don’t have to worry about it.

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SwipeBuster tracks the database and API of Tinder application to meet people (are public and therefore easy to access), it SMSes the search results matching the profile sought.


It shows the data requested and also shows very specific options depending on how the profile is configured in Tinder: if you are interested in looking for a man or a woman, the photographs you have shared and even the last connection. You just have to pay AED 23.774 ($6.99) for this.

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The publication had a talk with the creator of this website, which chooses to remain anonymous. The website ensures that they do not violate users’ privacy because they simply collect information from Tinder’s own API, which is available to anyone to make improvements to the app.


His aim, he says in Vanity Fair, is to “educate people about a large amount of personal data hanging on the network and how anyone can access them easily.”


“A lot of people will be surprised and then they will be more careful and Tinder will take steps to protect their API,” he said.


A Tinder spokeswoman told “Who wants to know who is in Tinder simply download the application for free and save the $ 7,” without specifying whether to take action on its API.


SwipeBuster is a nameless group that has become quite popular over the past few years to high light the loopholes of privacy.


The creator of the website has a different saying: “With SwipeBuster nothing has been violated. We have not obtained the data illegally. It completely depends on the Tinder public API that, so if Tinder decides to close it, our web will come to an end.”

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