Check How to Send Images on WhatsApp without Compression

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messengers in the world. Every day millions of messages, images, and videos are exchanged download. People can easily do the internet calling and video chat.

The makers of WhatsApp consistently make changes to their app for a rich user experience.

However, do you know when you download images, the quality of the picture degrades? It is because the size of the image are compressed in order to upgrade the conversation speed and also to restrict limit data loss.

So if you do not want to send the images without compressing the pictures, then you should read this article to know that how to send images without bothering the resolution of the image.

Step 1


Whenever you send an image, the very first thing you do is you attach it. So you need to use the built in paper clip icon to attach a file. Do not attach an image from the image option. Instead choose the option of Document from the paper clip options.


Step 2

Now when the Document files open, then click on other Browse Other Docs, you will find this on top of the other files. Once you select this option you will reach to another screen where you can search and pick up any files as you usually do in a regular file browser.


Step 3


Once you select an image then just click on the tick arrow button to share the image. And now you can share the file to your desired contact. After sending you can check the image size will not be affected at all.

The only disadvantage is that you cannot see the thumbnail preview of the image file. It is a very simple process, just read the article carefully and follow as it is mentioned.

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