After Colored Status, Facebook launches Colored Comments

Facebook had recently started colored status feature which they even started in WhatsApp. The colored status has been liked by the users. It looks bright, colorful and is pleasing to the eyes.


And now the giant social media is testing to implement color to the comments section as well. Facebook wants to add color to the comment boxes with vivid tones and color gradients. But it sounds little ambiguous, as to how would it look?


This latest feature of Facebook was given by The Next Web. This new function is still under test, but sooner or later it will be released globally.


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It will work the same way as the colored status works. As you start writing the comments, you can select the color or the gradient of colors that you want to use for the background.


However, nothing is yet known about as to when this new feature will reach the Android devices. Once the testing of this new function is done, it is expected to spread across the world.

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