Here Comes the World’s Smallest 1TB USB-C Flash Drive From SanDisk

We can see almost all tech giants participating in the ongoing trade show in LasVegas. They are busy displaying the innovative products that render the futuristic technology. SanDisk is one among those tech giants showcasing the prototype of the worlds smallest 1TB USB-C flash drive.


IIt'snot only about the size of flash drive, but it further features a USB-C 3.1 standard port. This ensures its connectivity to PCs, Laptops and even the Android phone. With this interface, you need not think of running out of space in your smartphones. Now with the massive storage space, SanDisk flash drive entails you to have larger data transfers at higher speed.

Kingston Gets a Tough Competition From SanDisk

So, is it the only firm to offer highest capacity USB pen drive? Of course not! The Israeli-American company itself specified about the Kingston which provides the device with a huge 2TB storage. Furthermore, the company claims that their product is a bit different from its competitor as it even cut down the price along with the size.

Although, the firm has not specified the price of 1TB USB-C flash drive, but it is said to hit the market with lesser price tag than Kingston storage device.


Talking about its launch, nothing is in sight as it is still in development process. Meanwhile, just imagine all those favourite movies, music and professional documents into an ultra-fit SanDisk 1TB Flash drive. So, you never need to spend much on the expensive hard drive.

Finally, before experiencing the fruits of ultra Fit 3.1 Flash drive, you can enjoy the benefits of the another recently launched device from SanDisk of 256GB storage capacity. As per the company, this is the smallest storage device available in the market.

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