Cost Of Living in Dubai 2018

Looking for an exciting place to live in? Though an expensive city in the world, it is known for its ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping, tall towers, and nightlife scenes. We suggest not to miss out living in Dubai considering the expenses. However, if you are confused about the cost of living in Dubai 2018, then we are here to guide you.


Located on the South-east coast of Persian Gulf, the Capital of Emirates Dubai is one of those exciting places to live in. Whether it is for temporary relocation, or for a tour after retirement, or for a permanent migration-Dubai is the interesting place that can make your life exciting. Measuring an area of 3885 square kilometers, Dubai is the second largest Emirates in UAE. While many people living there tell that it is too expensive to live in. But What actually is the financial reality? So, if you are planning to relocate to Dubai, then here is a guide to set your priority considering the cost of living in Dubai. Our guide includes everything like the cost of housing, food, transportation and more.

Rent in Dubai

While talking about living in UAE, it is actually living in Dubai. Majority of people prefer Dubai city as it is a lifestyle hub for the entire emirates. So, when it comes about housing in Dubai, the cost depends upon the location, furniture, appliances, insurance, and utilities. If you are choosing to rent a house in Dubailand, then it may cost you around AED 45-55k for a single bedroom apartment. The same apartment costs you AED 90-120K in JBR and Marina.


There even exists rental contracts which are normally yearly contracts and can be renewed yearly. Some landlords require you to pay the security deposit, 5% of annual rent towards registered brokers and rental agencies. If you are looking to take a flat for rent in Dubai, then there are several brokerages that can help you find a right flat/house for rent in Dubai.

Food in Dubai

Dubai is packed up a wide range of international restaurants that let you enjoy the taste of Thai food, Turkish food, burger, steak and more. This is what Dubai is all about! Want to have a taste of tradition? Then don’t look back, try out all those famous cuisines to enjoy the best food in Dubai. As for the cost of food in Dubai, it need be always an expensive option, there are several budget-friendly and delicious options. Well! Now the Dubai food prices greatly depend on your choice of food.


Always the best option is to cook and eat at home and it costs you less. If you decide to dine out in Dubai then there are huge food outlets according to your budget. Just having some rice with Chicken and salad can cost you around AED 90. A Juice with ice can cost you AED10 and a pizza will be about AED17. In the Japanese restaurant, the average cost of food in Dubai for Soups is AED 35-55. Sushi may cost you AED 44 per piece. In a fast food cafe, the sandwich cost AED 18-25. Irrespective of the choice, there are plenty of restaurants to try out in an affordable manner.

Transportation in Dubai

Dubai offers you different modes of transportation to travel around. To buy out a car in Dubai first determine if you actually need a car, later wait for a couple of months to settle down. If a car is just for an occasional purpose, then look to rent a car for few months or simply hail them for the trip. Taxis in Dubai are widespread and are available for 24/7.


If you are buying a car, then let us make clear even the petrol and Diesel charges in Dubai. For Super 98, it is AED 1.73 and for diesel, it is AED 1.76. As for the taxi fare, traveling around 5 miles could cost you around AED 26.09. There are even public modes of transport like Metro/bus/train. Metro can cost you around AED 3. If you are regular traveler then prefer taking metro card/tram/bus which is rechargeable and cheap.

Other Expenses in Dubai

Living in Dubai is not that expensive as expected! There include many affordable options as well that can make your living exciting and interesting. Apart from the housing, transportation, and food costs there includes many other expenses. This includes shopping, education, health, insurance and more. While everything depending on your choice of selection and budget. As for the leisure and fun activities, you will find several options which depends on your interest and how much you want to spend.

Overall, we agree that it is not cheap to live in Dubai. At the same time, everything depends on your choice of standard of living in Dubai. If you are an employee, then it depends on the factor that your company is offering you to reside and spend. If you came out with a family to reside then you need to face all the expenses including food, shelter, clothing, travel, schooling and more. Now that you are aware of how much much it actually cost to live in Dubai, you can plan beforehand and set priorities accordingly.

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