In Some Countries, Police have Warned Parents about the Sarahah App

Sarahah an anonymous messaging app has become a viral sensation. People of all ages are going crazy over it. You can secretly send messages to each other without revealing your identity. This app is quickly becoming popular among the masses.


But some people are using Sarahah in the wrong way. They send hate messages to others and even bully other people. Now, this can be troublesome because the sender’s name is hidden. At times it can be very disturbing for people as some people may be vulnerable and may fall take a wrong step.


So Police departments in US cities of Kansas, Michigan and New Zealand have warned parents against the app. The app can have a harmful effect especially on teenagers and can lead to bad consequences.


The main aim of Sarahah is to enable its users to send constructive feedback to its users. A major drawback of the application is there is no age verification so any person irrespective of his/her age can open their profile in Sarahah.


Another app named Yellow is becoming an online sensation in America. The app is similar to Tinder. It allows users to be friends with strangers and then meet them.

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