A Deep Insight Into Portrait Lighting of The iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus

Apple products are always known to bring in a revolutionary change in the tech world. With the launch of three luxurious handsets, Apple has again proved that they are not afraid to take bold steps.

The Cupertino Company has worked hard to develop a new filter named as portrait lighting. The company said that the portrait lighting is not just a filter, it is beyond that.

No Portrait Effect

Let’s take a closer look to know how it works-

The new iPhone comes with the following lights:

Studio Light

• Studio Light: It brightens up the face with no harsh shadows. It gives more definition to the subject. This effect gives an extra dazzle in the darker areas.


Contour Light

• Contour Light: This feature highlights the edges of the face with deeper shadows, brightens up central parts of the face and creates more contrast. This is not a perfect filter to click pictures.

On using this filter, you may lose out the natural color of the subject. However, this effect gives a bold and dramatic look to the subject.


Stage Light


• Stage Light: This is quite similar to Contour Light but turns the background black to isolate the object. The background is turned totally black. You won’t get impressive results using this effect.


Stage Light Mono

• Stage Light Mono: It works like Stage Light, but increases the contrast of the image and makes it little grainy black and white. It gives an artistic look to the subject. The white and silver hues are quite impressive.


You will be able to use the above features when you open the iPhone camera in Portrait Mode. These features are exclusively for iPhone X and will not work on any other handset and will also not function on any other mode.

However, let us inform you that Portrait Lighting is still in the Beta mode. Portrait Lighting is expected to bring a revolutionary change in the world of mobile photography.

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