Digital Car Key : Unlock The Car With Smartphone

Digital Key 1.0 is the new innovation in the field of smartphone and auto technology. Technology has moved our lives into the new world. Everything is now attached to the technology and we are dependent on it a lot. The phenomena have made us smartphone-addicted as it has all the important stuff of our lives. The day starts and ends with a smartphone as it contains not only just our entertainment but our business as well.  As smartphone is the personal device so everything related to you can be connected to the smartphone, this does not only provide the personalization but security and privacy as well.


Every personal thing of ours is now connected to the smartphone, whether it is a watch, television, laptop etc. Everything is digitalized also like physical credit cards are now turned into the online cash payments through a smartphone. Not only have that, our daily usage clock, newspaper etc all things are packed into a single device called a smartphone. However, another big feature might be added to the smartphones. Yes, there are big brands working on the ideas to make our lives more technology-infused, easier and convenient. The next big thing is to connect the car with the smartphone. To fulfill this innovative idea and market gap the big companies like Apple, Samsung and LG have favored and started working on it. The main concept behind this whole idea is to keep the cars into the access of the user from anywhere.


Right now, few of the cars companies like Tesla allows owners to use their smartphone as a digital key, while Volvo currently offers apps that can lock, unlock and remote start vehicles, but not drive them. The interesting part would be the standardization of this feature which will eventually make it common and cheaper.

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) has published its Digital Key 1.0 specification, which will enable drivers to unlock their vehicles with their smartphones. This specification aims to allow drivers to download a digital key on their smart devices and use it to unlock vehicles. The question is here whether any brand car would be able to work with this app. The answer is, right now only 3 brands have partnered with this feature and that are BMW, Hyundai, and Volkswagen Group. But we are expecting the future as it will become the common app for the other cars brand as well.


This virtual key helps the driver to unlock the vehicle, start the engine and even share access with other drivers. This technology focuses on security more than anything else. The car manufacturer uses an existing trusted system to send the digital key to your phone, which uses close-range NFC to grant access to the ride. This just not only unlocks the car from inside of the home, this will also prevent theft and will work as an anti-theft because without the smartphone the car would not be able to unlock and start. The rumors are that there will be a version Digital Key 2.0 spec that will bring the more interoperability between cars and mobile devices.


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