Don’t Miss: Guide to Report Social Media Harassment

Receiving abusive, offensive or threatening messages often on social media sites? Then here is the guide specifying the process to report the harassment on social media.

Online harassment has become quite common especially on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. In the process of communication, you can definitely get into wrong texts. So, we should always be technically aware of the process to prevent them in future.

Thanks to the Social Media sites, who identified the risk before and gave us the option to report such behavior.


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On Facebook, we can report the abusive content by reaching the profile page of the intended person. Near profile picture, there is an option to “Report and/or Block This Person”. Click on the option and follow instructions accordingly.

In case you want to report any threatening message, you have a separate form to do so. Facebook guarantees that it will not unveil your identity to the person who sent a message.


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Twitter made this job quite simple. To report any abusive tweet, select report option from the drop-down menu of the tweet. You will be directed to pop up screen wherein the details need to be mentioned. Select the appropriate option and report the tweet.

If you want to report a particular message, then tap and hold the intended message to report. A pop-up screen appears and then follow the on-screen instructions.

However, do remember that the process of reporting may differ in Android and iOS.


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Instagram follows a straightforward process to report abusive content. Just click on three dots (…) near the post to report.

To report a specific comment, swipe left on the screen for the report option.

To report threatening message, tap on circled “i” that directs you to the required details.

Instagram also provides the option to report the selected private message. Just long tap on the intended message that is required to report.


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SnapChat is a bit different in this regard. The user needs to report the content from SnapChat support page. Left click on “Policies & Safety” to look for “Report a Safety Concern” option.

The user will be directed to Contact Us page where in you need to select “Report a Safety Concern”. Thereafter, follow instructions accordingly to report/block the intended person.

According to a survey, it was found that almost 40 percent of the social media users get harassed daily. Now, it is quite clear that there is always an option to control offensive behavior even on Social-media websites. So Instead of tolerating, follow the above process and try to report/block the content (Message/Photo) or user.

Here we provide some useful tips which you should follow when using various social platform:

  • Always accept friend request only from known people.
  • Avoid sharing posts that may seem offended by other people.
  • Do not share any personal information on social media websites.
  • Never use the same password for bank, email and social accounts.

We hope after going through this article you will be more careful while handling your social media sites.

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