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It is that time of the year again when flocks of tourists land in Dubai in great holiday spirits, aiming to make the most of the New Year with friends and family. However, it is not only Christmas and New Year that brings people around the world to Dubai during this time of the year. There’s another big attraction, the Dubai Shopping Festival, which offers the best deals of the year! Interestingly, shopaholics save a decent amount of money throughout the year to get their favourite products at discounted prices, and to avail giveaways from their favourite outlets! However, some of the deals offered are so unbelievably attractive that some tourists end up saving much more money than expected. The Dubai Shopping Festival will Start from December 26, 2016, to January 28, 2017


Like every year, the 2017 Dubai Shopping Festival has also just begun with a bang… or we can say, with a large crowd scanning through the malls and outlets, looking for the most suitable products at discounted prices. Whether you are looking for jewellery, electronic items, clothing, arts and crafts, furniture, or other household stuff, DSF 2017 is offering this and much more! It will continue for a month and end on the 28th of January, 2017. If you want an overview of the festival, here are the main attractions of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017! Also, you can know more about the best Shopping Festival 2017 deals and offers.

Win Cars and Cash at the Infiniti Mega Raffle

One of the most popular attractions of the Dubai Shopping Festival is back again- the Infiniti Mega Raffle. It is a chance to get awesome prizes every day. All you need to do is purchase an Infiniti Raffle Ticket for AED 200, and you stand the chance to win a brand-new Infiniti car, plus AED 150,000 or AED 250,000 in cash daily by lucky draw.
Raffle tickets can be purchased from 1 November 2016, from major locations like ENOC and EPPCO petrol stations, Zoom, Zoom Metro, Global Village, and other select locations and shopping malls. Winners of the daily raffles will be drawn at 10 pm every day, with the results broadcast live by Sama Dubai TV.



If you’re looking to grab your favourite pair of jeans from your favourite brand, or a classy party dress that compliments your body, then you’re in luck! The DSF 2017 is all about brands and class. If you’re a person with specific taste and have a brand-conscious personality, you will enjoy shopping from Rodeo Drive, Billionaire, Armani, Prada, Bebe, Jack & Jones, Burberry, BOGGI, Verdi, and many more big and famous brands! There is so much on offer that they say the choices will leave you confused as to what to get and what not to get. So get your favourite branded apparel, or surprise your friends with their favourite ones by shopping at the DSF 2017.

Dubai Shopping Festival
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It is simply impossible to visit Dubai and leave without a new gadget during this time of the year. At unbelievably discounted prices, big names such as Apple, Acer, Sony, Fujitsu, Vertu and other companies are attracting a huge amount of gadget freaks to the Dubai Festival 2017. With one year of warranty, the gadgets are reliable and are given out with complete details, along with a demonstration for the customers. Be it laptops, cameras, smartphones, Desktop systems, PlayStation, or any other electronic item that you are looking for, there is no better opportunity than the DSF 2017 to get your hands on your favourite gadget!


Gold Jewellery:

Interestingly, the DSF 2017 is also letting you avail the most attractive deals of the year on gold as well! Be it well-crafted jewellery with intricate details, or simple jewellery portraying modern designs, you get the best discounts on a variety of jewellery types! Many women prefer stocking up their vanity box with beautiful sets, as well as precious pieces of jewellery, during this time of the year. And the men enjoy choosing from a variety of affordable jewellery for their loved ones.


Cosmetics and Perfumes:

Apart from great attractive deals on such items, another interesting fact is that you can avail these items duty-free! Whether you are looking for De Beers, Burberry, Bvlgari, Chanel and the likes, or any other big name in terms of cosmetics and perfumes, you will get it all in the DSF 2017. So women, gear up to grab the most amazing deals on your favourite makeup kits, and men, don’t forget to get yourself your favourite perfume this year!

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A watch is an item that should be chosen carefully because it exudes ones personality, and leaves a great impression on others. In other words, your watch determines your personality! Rado, Michael Kors, Cartier, Burberry, and ICW are among such brands that produce high-class watches with a unique style. You can avail these watches for discounted prices at the DSF 2017, and let your personality shine through the accessories you wear!


Bags and Jackets:

When it comes to leather, Dubai is quite popular for them. It is well known for producing companies that sell exquisite leather goods in the form of bags and jackets. Those who like wearing leather make it a point to visit the Dubai Shopping Festival every year in search of classy and affordable deals in leather. Dubai Festival 2017 is offering some of the most amazing deals on leather goods from Prada, Burberry, Jashanmal, Sharief, Condotti, and many other brands. With such high-class brands offering discounted prices, you are sure to find an item that catches your attention instantly!


Home Decor:

Looking for Home Décor items? Well, your search is over. DSF 2017 is the most ideal, and the best option to search for aesthetic beauty to compliment your home. If colours attract you then Carpet Oasis is an event you don’t want to miss out on! Whether you want to cover the whole floor, or get small carpets to match your theme, you can avail discounted prices on them all, up to 75%! Would you get any better offer than this around the globe? Visit and witness the most amazing deals on such colourful collections yourself.



Many people who visit the Dubai Shopping Festival get their hands on dry fruits to enjoy them during the winter seasons. Dubai Festivals 2017 has a lot to offer in this category too, and visitors are already looking to grab the best deals on dry fruits and spices, to gift their loved ones as well. Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 is all about spreading happiness through the best offers of the year!

Global Village, DSF Carnival, children’s shows, roaming artists, food items, fancy events, and tax-free shopping are among some other attractions of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 that you don’t want to miss out on.

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