Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes: It’s happening

HyperloopGet the first look of the UAE Hyperloop taking shape.
UAE announced the beginning of the Hyperloop project, earlier this year. With the Hyperloop people can travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi within 12 minutes. The company in charge of the project recently released the first images of the development site.

A Los Angeles-based company, Hyperloop One, introduced the world’s fastest mode of transportation, the Hyperloop system, in 2015, which allows one to travel 1200 KM per hour (Faster than Boeing 747 which is 825 Kilometer per hour.)
So traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will only take about 12 minutes.
At the Middle East Rail annual conference in Dubai on Tuesday (8th March 2017), Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd shared some photos on how construction is progressing at the first ever Hyperloop test site in the Nevada desert, which is 30 minutes from Las Vegas.

Bird Eye View
Birds Eye View
The first image of the real Hyperloop.
Full-scale hyperloop structure, measures 500 meters long, with a diameter of 3.3 meters. It weighs over one million kilograms.
Available for public trial in first half of 2017


When will the Hyperloop be open to the public:

The public can expect to travel by the Hyperloop within the next five years, after signing an agreement with the Roads and Transport Authority. (RTA).


Compartment Interiors and Hyperloop Station:

Burj Khalifa Station
Hyperloop station and routes
Internal Structure


How the Hyperloop will change the future:

A Hyperloop system could change the way we travel around the world, says Bjarke Ingels, the founder of BIG – a design firm working on the project:

“Collective commuting with individual freedom at near supersonic speed: we are heading for a future where our mental map of the city is completely reconfigured, as our habitual understanding of distance and proximity – time and space – is warped by this new form of travel.”

Stay tuned for further updates, and the latest on the Hyperloop developments...
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  1. If two lanes on the Dubai -AbuDhabi highway is dedicated to high speed cars,without radars, Iam sure that this project implementation can be reworked. Govt can charge high toll fee on these two dedicated highways. Most of UAE residents own excellent cars and condition of cars are regularly checked by authorities for their quality.

  2. I went to Dubai for the first time in 1983, I wanted to visit my Uncle in Abu Dhabi by a taxi but the hotel people advised me against it saying that the road was single carriage and had many deaths due to accidents. So I never went to Abu Dhabi and only was able to travel by my own car when I visited Dubai again in 1990. Cant believe this hyperloop hope to see it in my life time.

  3. Dubai and UAE always take lead in the implementation of good projects for support of the people who live there. Happy to know about this new project. Time is money. Time is priceless. This project will save valuable time, reduce pollution, save fuel, reduce accidents. Help in overall development. Good wishes for this dream project

  4. Cool wouldn't mind traveling there to see the place. Just by looking at it, so cool. One day will be traveling there for holiday.

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