The Huawei P11 to Feature Massive Triple-Lens 40 MP Rear Camera Setup

The season of dual camera lens may end soon. You heard it right! Huawei P11, the flagship from Huawei brand is all set to feature massive triple-lens camera at 40MP. The camera feature in the flagship smartphones is getting better than ever. Since its partnership with the camera agency Leica, Huawei is concentrating on to provide great photographic qualities. With this thought process, the upcoming flagship can definitely have upgraded camera setup. The flagship Huawei P11 is in news for many days that might launch somewhere in 2018. Evan Blass, the mobile tipster spotted several ads online regarding “Huawei PCI series”. The ads specify about the camera capabilities especially the use of triple rear camera lens. Apart from this, it may sport 24MP selfie shooter. Though this is not officially announced, it is understood that Huawei is yet to change the camera setup in collaboration with Leica. The Huawei P11

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The iPhone Xc Hypothesis – Features of iPhone X at a Reasonable Package

The upcoming new season from Apple may include the latest technology. With the most popular and successful iPhone X in 2017, the users are obviously expecting more from the upcoming flagships. The recent news from iDrop says that the iPhone X influences the entry-level model iPhone 5c. This seems to be silly, confusing yet interesting. Few solid reasons given by iDrop make it meaningful and beneficial both for the Apple as well as consumers. With the ongoing trend of bezel-less smartphones, most of the flagships in 2018 may follow the same design. As for Apple, it is planning to launch three flagship iPhone models with the bezel-less display. The iPhone Xc may incorporate the same polycarbonate body as in iPhone 5c. This makes it more durable when compared with the recent all-glass design. This even works well with wireless charging. According to iDrop, the new iPhone Xc may sport OLED

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Rumored Specs, News and Launch Date

Samsung is yet to launch the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus alongside with Galaxy S9. The viewers can have a first look at the popular device in March 2018. It is likely to show off the product at CES 2018. There have been many rumours rolling around about the high-end smartphone. So, what can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus? In this article, we have included some features and specifications for the upcoming Phablet-sized device that are in the air. Display and Design The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus as the name suggests may hold plus size screen. The Korean company may stick on to the same QHD resolution at 1440 X 2960 with 18:5:9 aspect ratio. The major difference will be in the placement of fingerprint scanner that may be built within the screen. It may feature glass coating which can reduce reflections and can resist fingerprints. There is no

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Apple to Buy Shazam Music Recognition App

The tech giant Apple is making its own way in the music field. It is planning to buy a Shazam music identification app that lets the user identify songs. With this move, we think that it is trying to compete with its popular rival Spotify. Few sources reveal that the deal is still in talks and it could be finalized in the next week. Shazam is offering its high tech solution in music identification since 1999. Last year, Shazam announced that it had completed one billion downloads on smartphones. Apart from identifying music, Shazam app can also recognize TV shows. The music recognition app features famous music service that may include iTunes and Apple music. The Apple music subscribers can quickly add the identified song to the customized playlist. Currently, Apple music holds around 27 million subscribers. Its rival streaming service Spotify stands ahead with 60 million users. Rumors suggest

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WhatsApp Business- Everything about WhatsApp New App

WhatsApp is coming up with new features often to ensure users to have a great experience.  Now the popular messaging service has a new app that is mainly for businesses. The face-book owned WhatsApp is all set to launch WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp describes the business application as, "While chatting with businesses, you can check your contact's profile to see which type of account they're using. A verified account has a green checkmark badge on its profile." It adds, "A business account with a grey question mark badge in its profile means the account is using the WhatsApp Business app but hasn't been confirmed nor verified by WhatsApp." The WhatsApp business can work along with regular WhatsApp in the same device. The basic idea behind the new app is to differentiate personal life with business. This is being tested by few private testers and the app will be introduced as a

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Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone-Samsung’s New patent with WIPO

The dream of having the foldable smartphone may come into reality sooner. Samsung is trying to make this dream come true. The South Korean company files a new patent with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) related to the design of the foldable smartphone. Samsung submitted different designs of the foldable smartphone. One design is a 5-inches phone folding out to 7 inches tablet. Another design allows the user to bend the screen at 90 degrees. The rumored model of Galaxy X is SM-G888N0. According to the patent, the popular foldable phone holds two large display screen separated by a metal strip. The strip lets the user fold the device accordingly. If not in use, the screens can be folded back to guard the display screen against scratches. The device is given three antennas thus ensuring better signal interface. When in use, bending one screen over other lets the user to

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Leaked Photos of Upcoming Sony Xperia Full-Screen Smartphones

It is good to hear that Sony is finally planning to launch a new look Xperia smartphones in 2018. These days we have come across many rumors that suggest that Sony is about to unwrap bezel-less smartphone next year. We can have a first look at the two Sony Xperia phones in the leaked images. With the concept of change in design, the Japanese tech giant is going to compete with its rivals Apple and Samsung. From a couple of leak in images, we understand that one model sports a glass body with a regular square shape corners. And the other model is of the metal housing with rounded corners. Overall, it is expected to have some interesting features and specifications with an impressive design. Both the smartphones may hold 5.7 inches bezel-less screen, 18:9 trending aspect ratio with 4K resolution. Sony may include Snapdragon 845  with 4GB or 6GB

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Huawei Honor’s Premium Product 7X Launches in UAE

Honor launches its premium product in X-range series Honor 7X in UAE. The sub-brand of Huawei delivers bezel-less display at AED 999. The stunning full view display with high performance at a competitive price is challenging. Even the high-end Smartphone Honor 9 doesn’t come up with a bezel-less display. According to the Vice President of Honor in the Middle East and Africa Chris, Sun Baigong,  "The Honor 7X clearly demonstrates our capability to offer young tech-savvy consumers in the Middle East and Africa unprecedented technology at a value-added price while challenging the current market competitors. A smartphone that far exceeds their expectations with the best full-view display that caters to their ever-changing needs. Honor 7X offers a phone that inspires action and creativity at a surprisingly accessible price." The Huawei Honor 7X sports 5.93 inches FHD screen, 18:9 bezel-less display with 2160X1080 screen resolution. The metallic uni-body design gives it

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CES in January 2018: News, Dates, and Rumors on the Top Tech Show

The biggest Consumer Electronics Show of the year is just a few weeks away. CES will commence from January 9 to January 12, 2018, at Las Vegas Convention Center. Almost every company either big or small attend the show to expose the products lining up in 2018. The press meet will be on January 7 and 8. It is expected to have around 1,85,000 visitors. You can see many major companies participating in this trade show. All the information about the show off products is kept secret for now. However, the top giant organizations like Samsung, Google, LG, and Sony will surely reveal their latest inventions in this popular show. We can definitely look at some gadgets holding latest innovations from CES 2018. Samsung may reveal Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus at CES. The official announcement was planned in March 2018. But it wouldn’t be a surprise if the

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Here Comes the Latest Android 8.1 Oreo Update

Just a few months back Google launched Android 8.0 Oreo and now they have launched its latest update: Android 8.1 Oreo. The Android 8.1 Oreo comes along with Go Edition version. Along with the new update, it is going to bring many new features and improvements to the Android smartphone. The exclusive tweaked features will be loved by the users and will provide a great experience for the users. The Android Oreo Go Edition is exclusively for the low-end phones which comprise of 1GB RAM or less than that. The Oreo Go Edition boosts the performance of the low-end smartphones. No need to flip out 😉 The new #Android cheeseburger emoji is fresh off the grill. Rolling out now with #AndroidOreo 8.1. — Android (@Android) December 5, 2017 The Android 8.1 Oreo offers the visual core chip to the Pixel 2. The visual core chip enables a third-party application

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