Galaxy S8 launches in April, leaked poster confirms

Samsung Galaxy S8 an S8+ will be available in April 2017, this news is not currently officially announced from Samsung but from the good sources, it is confirmed it will be available from April 21 to April 28, 2017. Samsung S8 and S8+ posters are seen in the stores with date mention. The above image is clear show it will be available on April, 17.         The newly Samsung S8 will rock by Samsung's Exynos 8895 chipset as well as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. The smaller Samsung S8 will have 5.8 Inch Display while S8+ will be 6.2 Inch display panel, however, 18.5:9 aspect ratio of their screens. Currently, both mobile phones have 12MP camera with dual pixel autofocus.  

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2017 Big Release iPhone 8 Vs Samsung S8

Samsung and Apple are both launching the devices S8 and iPhone 8 this year. As the competition between Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung S8 there is far much difference and according to Chi Kuo (Apple analyst), Apple's iPhone 8 may be the real winner. Upcoming Apple iPhone 6 will be marked as Apple 10th anniversary so far and the company will be making a major changes which include design, featured on edge to edge display and some other major events. According to our prediction, iPhone 8 include wireless charging, a biometric addition such as facial gesture, a front camera would be based on 3d sensing and all models could be having glass bodies. but same time According to Kuo, The Samsung Galaxy S8 is to be featured a full-screen display with no physical button plus both model will be 3D Curved cover glass. Ku also predicts Samsung will be also

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Tesla self-driving taxis are coming to Dubai

RTA recently announced self-driving Tesla Taxi in Dubai, RTA is going to buy 200 electric cars from the latest brands of tesla which includes latest model Model S sedan and Model X SUV. As per vision of Dubai (World's smartest city) and green the Green Economy for Sustainable Development initiative. “It is also part of the Dubai Smart Autonomous Mobility Strategy aimed at transforming 25 per cent of total journeys in Dubai into autonomous journeys by 2030," said Mattar Al Tayer, the director general and chairman of the board at the RTA. The Telsa autopilot not only has the ability to drive the car for you and also it can do a safety as compare to any other human driver. Model S: The model S of tesla can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just 2.7 seconds and able to travel around 630km on its full charge depends on

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Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes: It’s happening

Get the first look of the UAE Hyperloop taking shape. UAE announced the beginning of the Hyperloop project, earlier this year. With the Hyperloop people can travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi within 12 minutes. The company in charge of the project recently released the first images of the development site. A Los Angeles-based company, Hyperloop One, introduced the world’s fastest mode of transportation, the Hyperloop system, in 2015, which allows one to travel 1200 KM per hour (Faster than Boeing 747 which is 825 Kilometer per hour.) So traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will only take about 12 minutes. At the Middle East Rail annual conference in Dubai on Tuesday (8th March 2017), Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd shared some photos on how construction is progressing at the first ever Hyperloop test site in the Nevada desert, which is 30 minutes from Las Vegas. When will the Hyperloop

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Google Pixel Smartphone to launch in Middle East

The much-awaited news has been confirmed by the Global CEO of Google Inc., Mr. Sundar Pichai, that Google Pixel smartphones will be launched in the Middle East soon. However, no specified time has been mentioned by the company. In fact, Sundar Pichai, while speaking to Arabian Business mentioned that the launch will take place within two years, as the company still needs time to prepare for it. The only surety of time is within two years, which is good enough anyway! In another statement, the CEO mentioned that “We are committed to bringing everything we do, everywhere – and that’s how we think about it. We just need a bit more time. We are early in our journey, which is why (the Pixel smartphone) is not in the Middle East. I wish we were there.” This clearly gives us an idea of their strong belief and commitment-based strategy, so we

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Nokia phones to return with Android OS in 2017

Rumours have been surfacing in the media that Nokia is all set to release their first smartphone with Android OS. But the question is, is it really a rumour or is there some truth to it? Let’s find out! Earlier this year, the information was leaked with a slight idea of the specifications of Nokia’s C1 bearing Android OS. Following the news, there were more rumours about the launch of the phone in a ceremony taking place in the year 2016. However, to clear out any confusions, Nokia took a step forward and announced the news with a clear-cut statement, which proved many rumours to be wrong and a few to be right! Due to arrive early during 2017, Nokia is all set to release its first series of handsets with Android OS. The announcement was made back in May which suggested that the company is returning with Nokia branded

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