A Deep Insight Into Portrait Lighting of The iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus

Apple products are always known to bring in a revolutionary change in the tech world. With the launch of three luxurious handsets, Apple has again proved that they are not afraid to take bold steps.   The Cupertino Company has worked hard to develop a new filter named as portrait lighting. The company said that the portrait lighting is not just a filter, it is beyond that. Let’s take a closer look to know how it works-   The new iPhone comes with the following lights: • Studio Light: It brightens up the face with no harsh shadows. It gives more definition to the subject. This effect gives an extra dazzle in the darker areas.   • Contour Light: This feature highlights the edges of the face with deeper shadows, brightens up central parts of the face and creates more contrast. This is not a perfect filter to click pictures.

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Face ID of iPhone X Can Identify One Face Only

Apple iPhone X does not have a home button, instead, it sports a Face ID which lets the user unlock the device. The Face ID supports only one face, so it means you cannot share your phone with your friends and family. Whereas, the Touch ID in iPhone used to recognize 5 different fingerprints, so you could easily share your phone with your near and dear ones.   The iPhone X solely depends on the Face ID as they have removed the finger print scanner. The company has claimed that the chance of a random person cracking Face ID is 1 in a million, while with Touch ID, it's 1 in 50,000. How smoothly this new feature works, will be clear once the new device is unboxed. However, on the day of launch, the Face ID failed to unlock Craig Federighi's iPhone on the first try. It is not clear

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Different Mobile Phones Which You Can Buy In The Same Range Of iPhone 7 [Infographics]

Apple iPhone are the most addicitive use for their customer. The newly Apple iPhone 7 is one of the best design and latest smartphone was launched by Apple in 2016 with the best features. Apple mobiles are probably best in the market regarding hardware and software. Apple iPhone 7 is now 1 year old model, but it has all the features that it can compete with today’s top Android mobiles. Fortunately, prices have been majorly dropped, so we compare it with today’s popular Android mobiles that are present in the market. Now the main question is it worth to buy now for the price of top android mobiles. Let us check it whether it’s winning or losing the game in 2017.  

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Android 8.0 Oreo Review- Here Is All You Want To Know!

Android Oreo is the latest operating system for the Android devices by Google. Android 8.0 comprises of various detailed features and advanced features which can be easily personalized. Android O is a thorough version of Android which has ever existed and is stacked up with amazing useful features which were never seen before. And some of the previous features have been pumped up in the latest version. Today we have brought you a review of Oreo which will help you to understand it better- 1. Useful Notifications Visually Oreo and Nougat do not have much of a difference. But the Android 8.0 definitely contains rich features which will give you a better user experience.   The Settings menu of Android O has been refined and reduced in size. It has also shifted in the lower pane and you will find the date on the bottom. Once you expand the notification

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HTC U 11 Gets New Edge Sense Features, Released Video

The sensitive edges of the HTC U11 which by squeezing the edges lets you perform function makes the smartphone unique. Whether you want to zoom in a pic or answer or reject calls or even check the calendar, all by just squeezing the edges. Isn’t it interesting? The Edge Sense feature in HTC U 11 is pressure sensitive and therefore be used to launch applications or even pause a YouTube video. The Taiwanese company has teased us by launching a video which highlights some unique features of the Edge Sense technology. By just squeezing the edges of HTC U11 you can navigate the handset. From using Google Maps to switch views inside Google calendar you can do a lot more by using the sensitive edges. How effective and useful will be the pressure sensitive edges, that will reveal in the long run.  

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Here Are 5 Best Artificial Intelligence Apps For Your Android Phone

Artificial Intelligence Apps are nowadays introduced in almost every gadget. It makes our lives easier by following our commands. ‘Siri' in Apple was introduced a few years back, ‘Bixby' recently made its debut in Samsung Galaxy S8, this year. Amazon Alexa developed by Amazon, also there is Cortana created by Microsoft all these intelligent personal assistant performs tasks or services for an individual like sending messages or email, making schedule etc. Today we are going to share some Artificial Intelligent Applications which you can try in your Android smartphones:   1. Recent News     Recent News is an application that identifies your interests, suggests related articles and suggests topics which you might follow. This app provides you news, customized, now. It is a quick way to stay informed about the subjects you love. Download the app from the given link below- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.recent.personal.news 2. Google Allo   Google Allo is

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Blackberry Keyone Undergoes Durability Test And The Result Is Astounding!

We are all aware that the elite brand Blackberry has left no stones unturned for a powerful comeback this year with its flagship Blackberry Keyone. The classic brand which once ruled the industry was sidelined after the launch of Android and iOS devices. To re-establish the position, Blackberry has brought out its highly-anticipated Android flagship Keyone. On the software front, the handset features some of the signature elements of Blackberry wrapped in a black rubber rear structure. To assert the sustainability of the handset, a stringent durability test was done by popular YouTuber Jerry on Blackberry Keyone in his channel 'JerryRigEverything', and the result is impressive! In the video, which has gone viral on the internet, the latest flagship from Blackberry is seen undergoing rigorous durability test including scratching, burning and bend testing. The handset holds up pretty well to the extreme conditions as compared to its competitors. The YouTuber

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5 Reasons Which Make Nokia 3310 Still Better Than Any Smartphone

The moment we come across Nokia 3310, galaxies of memories automatically flow in our minds. The classic feature phone was one of the highest selling basic sets of the brand. So almost after a decade, HMD Global decided to launch the redesigned model of Nokia 3310 along with its bunch of other Nokia Android devices, lined up for the 2017 release. 2017 is the comeback year for the iconic brand Nokia and HMD Global is putting in all possible steps to ensure that the handsets instantly click with the people. Earlier this year, the Finnish mobile maker had unveiled the initial cluster of Nokia devices including Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and the revamped Nokia 3310. The old school handset received maximum attention from the lot! Honestly, it might sound slightly irrelevant if we debate between a smartphone and a feature phone as obviously the former will stand out.

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Grab The Best Deal: Top 8 Budget Phones under 599 AED

Every now and then mobile companies are launching their flagship phones stuffed with the best of technologies and the latest software. It’s a tough competition among the companies in order to impress the consumers and rule the global market. Generally, the smartphones prices in Dubai UAE are at an upper end, thus everyone doesn’t have an access to the expensive smartphones. Still, there are many companies which manufacture pocket-friendly smartphones. Just because they are mid-range phones that don't mean that they lack top class features. In fact, even being priced less, they render brilliant graphics, smooth accelerated performance, and powerful battery backup. Today we bring you eight budget smartphones under the affordable price tag of 599 AED: Mi Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Mi Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X is an economical smartphone which you can easily purchase if you want to change your old phone. With a screen measurement of 5.5

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10 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know Your Iphone Could Do

Apple.inc is excited about its iPhone's 10th-anniversary release and so are we. The next-gen flagship, dubbed as iPhone 8, is likely to be unveiled in September and Apple lovers can't wait for it. The global giant has been constantly upgrading its features to deliver another level of incredibility in its upcoming gadgets. But, do you know that your current Apple iPhone can also do wonders? Yes, we know that the iPhones are packed with quintessential elements including the extremely popular AI "SIRI", which provides human-like assistance. But are you aware of the diverse reach of your iPhone? We are sure that an Apple lover claims to know it all about the handset, but today we will introduce you to 10 relatively unknown amazing things you didn't know your iPhone could do. Get ready to be amused! Location Based Reminders Apple iPhone users must have used the voice-generated personal assistant Siri

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