Everything You Should Know About Google I/O Keynote Conference

The 10th annual Google I/O developer conference busted some interesting software revelations that could be seen in the latest Android devices in 2017. In the 2-hr long keynote session, Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled the upcoming upgrades, handsets and all about it. And like every year, these upcoming features are going to be amazing!

In the post, we will give an insight into what Google has in store for us in 2017.

New AI hardware TPUs

The company designed special AI hardware, tensor processor units (TPUs) has been upgraded to the next level. The second generation TPUs can be used in the companies with faster Google cloud service. The first generation TPUs was used by the company for the internal purpose only. No one else was able to access the service earlier. However, through this technology, Google can make advanced changes to the Artificial Intelligence without depending on an additional hardware.


Google Lens

This will be an interesting extension to the Google Assistant. Recognizing places or objects through Google voice or text is an old school affair now as Google will be introducing an all new aspect to the AI. Explaining about it, Pichai revealed that the devices will be equipped with the lens which can identify the product once you point the camera towards it. So, your phone will not only see what you see but can also automatically understand the things through the phone camera lens. You can now see the world through the eyes of your camera!

Google Home Gets Even Better

The Google Home button will not only respond to your voice but will now also provide hands-on notifications. It will notify you automatically about your scheduled program so that you don't miss it in any way. Moreover, the Google Home button will turn on the light if it has something additional to say to you. You can learn about it by simply asking it what it wants to say. Besides, the Google Home can also provide you hands-free calling service, which means you can easily make phone calls to anyone even though your phone is out of your reach. All you need to do is just ask Google to call your friend, family or anyone and it will directly connect the call. Things just got better, isn't it!


Google Assistant Futuristic Updates

There will be a bunch of changes made to the Google Assistant. To begin with, now the built-in Assistant service can be found in the iPhone besides the Android phones. Google will also introduce a new set of languages to the Assistant including German and Korean. Interaction with the Assistant will be at another level as it will give a real-person like feel and answer to everything promptly with your preferred language.

Google Photos Get Advanced Update

Through this advanced update, the Google photos app AI will check on the pictures you have saved in your phone and suggest the appropriate one for sharing with your friends. You can decide from the choices it provides. Google has also introduced a feature called 'Photo Books', where the AI will scroll through all the pictures and frame the photo book using it. You can pay $10 to get the hard copy of the photo album in the mail.


New Android 'O' OS

The latest Android Beta was announced by Google on the official Android web page recently. Though they have not clarified about what exactly 'O' stands for, going by the history of Android Beta names which are always associated with a sweet, it could stand for Oreo. Android O will bring more virtual experience to the display along with improved battery life and security. The new operating system will also bring in a lot of enhancement to the device in terms of screen clarity, the faster functioning of apps and many others. Google is yet to announce the release of the Android O.

Android Go

Android Go will be introduced for the handsets with below 1GB of memory. This is the lower version of the latest Android. This OS will be extremely useful for the handsets with lesser configuration. Android Go will be unveiled in the devices in 2018.


Google VR and AR

A new device will be released for Google's Daydream VR platform. Google intends to create VR headsets, which can work without a smartphone. For which, it has collaborated with HTC and Lenovo to bring out the new standalone Daydream headsets.

YouTube Upgrade

The 360-degree video app of YouTube will now be available on TV using a remote to pan in the video. It is no more restricted to only phones and VR headsets.


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