The Exciting Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone May Differ From Expectations

We had a lot of expectations from the Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone. How does it look like? What features can we expect? And many more questions come into our mind while thinking about the foldable smartphones.

We always had some sort of imagination pertaining to its design. The recent patent filing completely changes our perspective and shows that the design more or less resembles Nintendo 3DS.

The leaked images from LetsGoDigital suggest its look be similar to ZTE Axon M. The concept of two equal size displays held together by a hinge. The device appears to be thinner than ZTE.

Galaxy X

Samsung really had a chance to become the first manufacturer to make a foldable device. However, the expected reality of the foldable device is very much different from the actual look. The Samsung device in-making prefers in placing the screens inside the hinge rather than outside. This is quite similar to the 2-in-1 computer.

We have heard the similar type of rumours with Microsoft working on a mythical surface phone device. But that never came true and furthermore, Microsoft killed its mobile business, before launching any such device.

From the Samsung flexible AMOLED display in CES 2013, we expect to have a slim, single foldable screen that is bendable. But considering the patent images, we think there is still a lot to do before Samsung reveals its Galaxy X design.


With the concept of merging two screens in ZTE, we are expecting even the South Korean giant coming up with more refined technological implementation.

Let us see if the foldable smartphones will just be a dream or will Samsung look for the refined take on the technology with foldable Galaxy X in the near future.

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