Facebook Buys ‘Ozlo’ To Upgrade Its Artificial Intelligence & Messenger

The social media giant Facebook keeps adding new features to its portal so that it becomes more engaging and user-friendly. And this is one of the solid reasons that Facebook is so immensely popular among the masses.

And now Zuckerberg and his team have introduced the artificial intelligence “Ozlo” to boost its conversational AI efforts & Messenger.

'Ozlo' is now an integral part of the development team of Facebook Messenger, who announced the start-up of artificial intelligence in a statement. As per reports, the latest technology will be used in the challenges of natural language processing.

Ozlo’s software aims at understanding text conversations and then offer complete answers through so-called ‘probabilistic truth claims’, explains the “Recode” portal.
The company employs almost 30 people and is led by Charles Jolley, former head of Android Platform on Facebook. Most staff will move to Messenger offices, though Jolley will not return.

“They are just going to work with (Messenger) to continue their work with artificial intelligence and automatic learning,” a Facebook spokesman said after declining to comment on the final price of the purchase, says “Recode.”

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Ozlo was launched as a consumer-oriented application in October 2016. As per sources, Jolley once stated that the artificial intelligence chat room was rapidly consolidating and that he was happy to offer an independent service to the technology giants.

In March, the company had launched a suite of APIs, having as its main feature its knowledge graph, a database made about the world needed to demonstrate any sense of intelligence. This offered its services to developers.

The layer of knowledge that offered would be reduced by the purchase of the social network giant Facebook, according to the same social network. Reports also clarify that it is not very clear what the specific functions of Ozlo will be within the Messenger.

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