Facebook Comes With a Brand New App- ‘Bonfire’

The research and development team of Facebook, one of the most popular social site in the world, comprised of some super talented people. These people under the captaincy of Mark Zuckerberg always comes up with the best projects which will enhance the user experience.



Facebook already had the feature of video calling, and now they have added a new feature which let its users communicate with their friends through group video calls. The social site has released an application named ‘Bonfire’ where people can video chat with a group of their Facebook friends.



The “Bonfire’ app is already functional. But the app is only available in the App Store of Denmark. So before Facebook distributes this app to the rest of the world, it is first tested in Denmark. ‘Your friends, your fire’ is the motto of ‘Bonfire’ which lets you chat with many Facebook friends at the same time.



The new application divides the screen between friends with whom you are chatting with so you can face each of them. The Next Web explains that ‘Bonfire’ lets the user communicate through 3D stickers and masks and share the multimedia files as images of Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.



When a media person contacted the company then s a spokesperson on behalf of Facebook said that the first test is being carried on in Denmark- “We are conducting a very small test in Denmark of an application we call Bonfire. We have nothing more to share in this moment”.


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