Facebook Copies Snapchat!

Facebook continued the trend of implementing the most inspired and popular rival features. Though it sounds a bit surprising, this is a fact to consider. The popular messenger has managed to copy the “Streak” feature from Snapchat.

However, few reports suggest that this is just a trial version that is being implemented only for restricted users. According to few Facebook users, they have started to get the streak after chatting with their friends for two consecutive days.

Earlier the popular social site copied camera and the face filters from Snapchat. Now, it is trying to copy the popular and successful “Streak” feature. Sources reveal that Instagram is ahead of Facebook in doing so. It has successfully copied and implemented the feature in August. So there is no surprise that Facebook is planning to adopt it sooner.

Though, Snapchat is not among the most popular messaging app around. The attractive features included in the Snapchat app managed to gain good reputation these years.

‘Streak’ is one such popular feature that encourages the user to send more messages, thus ensuring more app usage. The concept is, all the same, to maintain the streak, keep in touch with a friend. Lose the streak if you fail to do so.

Facebook already holds around 1.2 billion users and is trying to gain more by indulging simple yet popular features.

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