Facebook Makes Some Silly Changes!

Facebook keeps on developing the social platform to improve the user’s experience and makes changes as per the user’s demand and needs. And recently the world’s most loved social site has brought some significant changes in the social platform which is not really appreciated by the users.


Some of the Facebook users have complained that were unable to delete their own post or photos from the desktop version. But at the same time, there were some people who didn’t face any such issue. They could easily delete their posts and photos from the desktop version.

It is suspected to be some kind of bug or maybe the giant social media may plan to implement this feature in future. But this is not at a useful option, why will anyone not be allowed to delete your own post or photo? Removing the delete option doesn't make any sense.

As of now you still have the option of going to the activity log and deleting your post.

Till now Facebook has not given any clarifications about this issue.

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