Facebook Messenger Gets New Discover Section For Business Chatbot

Facebook keeps working on adding new features time and again to make it interesting. Whether we talk about the attractive stickers or the emoji, all these keep us hooked to chatting.


Facebook introduced a hub inside Messenger for discovering brand new chatbots to message with. Now you will find a section in Facebook Messenger which is devoted to bots, search tools, and popular experiences.


Many social platforms have included bots in their portal. Facebook has been working on bots over quite some time. And now they have added a Discover section that will enable people to search new bots and interact with them.


There are more than 1.2 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger who can connect with more than 100,000 monthly active Facebook Messenger bots. At F8 Conference, Vice President of Facebook Messenger, David Marccus said that the ability to browse bots gives Messenger a chance to become "the yellow pages of messaging."


We mentioned earlier that the Facebook Messenger home screen now comprises a section dedicated to bots and popular experiences. It lets people find their favorite businesses and even check through various categories to find out the popular bot at the moment.



Bots will reply to all your queries, however, they are capable of answering simple questions from customers for small businesses through Messenger. Marcus said that this special feature will begin with restaurants allowing them to save time by not answering simple questions like ‘at what time will the restaurant open?'


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