Facebook now has patents to spy on its users and to collect more data

There was a time when people used to meet and socialize in person. The technological shift has turned the lifestyle and now socializing means using the social sites. The one of the most loved and used social site is non-other than Facebook. Every other person has the Facebook account if he or she has the internet access. Facebook has made life easier and open. People love to share their life events, memories, thoughts and personal information on Facebook. But the main question is here whether this is safe to share all of the information on Facebook. Is the Facebook is trustworthy to give your personal information access? It was already seen that Facebook was in hot water recently as it was revealed that Facebook was misusing the user data for its own benefits and money making. While the data breaching scandal bought things into the limelight, it was also promised by the Facebook to make things more secure for the privacy concerns.


The new update is that Facebook is now working on the things to keep the information private and safe at its end but the real thing is at the back. Facebook seems hungry for the user data as now it has asked for the legal patents to keep the eye on the Facebook user and to get the most of the information. Facebook has 2.19 billion monthly active users whereas, the world population is 7.6 billion. This gives the straight stats that every third person is using the Facebook among us. Facebook has become the essential part of our lives and mostly the teenagers are obsessed with it. As the usage is increasing day by day the more this giant is becoming powerful by having the access of every next person on this planet.


The news is being leaked by the New York Times that Facebook has asked the patents to keep the eye on the Facebook users. For that, it is being leaked that Facebook wants to access some specific information. Facebook wants a patent to even keep the camera of the user ON and to capture the facial expressions while using the site. The overall summarization is that Facebook has 7 creepy patents which prove that Mark Zuckerberg wants to be fed on the user information.


1. Information about Facebook user relationship status

Facebook wants to be known about the user relationship by keeping an eye on the activities performed by the user. It would be like a making a profile of user relationship status by noticing that how many times the user visits the specific profile. It will make the Facebook understand the user love or engaged relationship.


2. Categorization of the user on the basis of personality traits

Facebook wants to know the personality of its user and for that, it has the patent to keep the eye on the personal messages, posts, site visits, segments, ads and news views. This all will be leading towards to the categorization of the user by its personality traits. To see whether the person is emotional, extroversion and outspoken.


3. Future predictions

The Facebook patent will be having the access to the user’s personal messages, the credit card transactions, the places he will be visiting and the things he or she will post. All these are going to be used to predict the future of the user and the major life events like death, marriage, and graduation.


4. Identify the user camera

This is the patent which means that the camera might be identified by the scratches and defective pixels of the lens. Eventually, it will help to understand that which camera is being used to click the specific picture and who sent it to whom. That will be called an exclusive signature for that camera and photography.


5. Spying on the user

The user is also going to be spied on by the Facebook patent.  The microphone is going to record the conversations and to identify the things like which movie, music or show user likes. Not only the likes but also the dislikes are going to be recorded too. The programs which are ignored by the user are also going to be noticed and recorded.


6. Daily routine updates

This is huge as it will be going to observe the daily routine of the user and will also observe if there is any deviation from the routine. This will be like daily monitoring. All the tasks and regular events being performed by the user is going to be captured by Facebook. Not only this it will be going to save the night location of each user to confirm that the person is at his own place or being caught in any mishap or unfortunate event.


7. Use location service

This is something very serious as it is not only related to the user but to the nearest people as well. This patent is going to observe the location of the user and not only the user, it will be observing the friend’s locations of the user as well. To check which friend is the closest to the user right now. Not only that it was as discussed earlier will notice the sleeping place and not only the place hours as well.



These all things have cleared that Facebook has patents which are the threat to the users. As everything will be disclosed to the Facebook and can be used for any means like good or bad both ways. It can manipulate the things for the user. The advertising will be more targeted at the Facebook because its business model runs on the advertisements. Moreover, there is also the fact that in this world of technology, data and information can be misused as the rivalry is so high that companies get the patents to beat the competitors even if the work on that patents ever done or not. The verdict here is that Facebook is the big giant with all the user data which makes it more powerful yet more dangerous day by day.

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