Facebook Profile Picture Guard: Here is how it works?

Facebook always creates new ideas to give its users a better experience and also takes care of them by presenting various features which add security to their personal details. If anyone faces any breach of conduct then the user can report it to Facebook who will then take the necessary step.


Of late the giant social media Facebook has introduced a new feature known as ‘Profile Picture Guard' which will not allow anyone to download or share your profile picture. This feature restricts people to misuse your picture.


At times there are cases when people deliberately make fake accounts with someone else's picture without their permission, in that case, you need to report that to Facebook.


Facebook even added that when someone adds an extra design layer to their profile picture, other people are at least 75% less likely to copy that picture. And most importantly it is recommended that whenever you upload a profile photo Facebook, then go the privacy setting of the profile picture and select friends and never keep it public.


Let us see how it works-



Download the Facebook application and if already you have it then update it from Google Store.


Now open your Facebook application and go to your profile and then go to your profile picture and you will get an option of ‘Try Profile Picture Guard' and then click it to turn it on.


Then on the next page, Facebook will tell you about the latest security tool. Now, tap on the next button to continue.


Facebook will now show you the preview of your profile picture with a Guard. At this step, you need to hit the ‘save' button. A blue shield will appear around your photo.


And you are done! Just by following these simple steps you can protect your picture from being misused. This new tool lets you control your security. This feature of this popular social site is highly appreciated.

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