Facebook Secretly Introduces Its New Face Recognition Technology

Recently many Facebook users have come across an alert describing new face recognition feature. The popular social app announced this feature back in December 2017 and now it has secretly rolled them out. It is quite weird that the company introduces all such new features without any prior announcement in the news feed. One possible reason for this could be the risk of lawsuits which involve privacy.

https_%2f%2fblueprint-api-production-s3-amazonaws-com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f723790%2f82edca67-4108-4c02-9425-39f1c007c0a6The popular face recognition feature was there in Facebook since few days. This feature marks you or any person in your contacts in the photos. However, this is done only if the photos privacy settings allow. Since its appearance, Facebook is trying to expand this feature in order to identify the contacts even if they are not tagged in. The basic idea is to let the person know if any photo is published on the social media network. By getting aware of this, you could mark yourself in the photo or even inform the person to remove the photo if you don’t want the image to have appeared on social media account.

Furthermore, the new face recognition feature will even alert you if anyone creates any fake account using your photo. And as for the Facebook, this feature ensures privacy and prevents any unauthorized Facebook accounts or images. So how does the system actually work? The Facebook user with the “face recognition” feature when tagged in a photo, the machine learning system will analyze the pixels thus creating a template. Every user has a unique template.


When any user uploads new photos, Facebook will compare the photos to the template of relevant users and in turn, suggests a tag if any match is found. Furthermore, Facebook claims that the template is created only when this feature is enabled. You can turn off the face recognition feature using the Facebook privacy settings. Once the feature is disabled automatically the template will be deleted. However, there is even an option to re-enable the feature if you wish so.

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