Facebook Will Soon Come Up With A Smartphone

Google Ara was an idea which was only in blueprint but was never executed. The idea behind Google Ara was a thrilling concept which aimed towards commercializing modular phones.

The gigantic social media Facebook seems to be interested in one of the Google's popular project named as "Project Ara".


Facebook is trying to start afresh as per a new patent application filed by the company. The patent is described as a "modular electromechanical device" which would include a display, GPS, and a microphone module.


This project has been leaked in a new patent, a report from Business Insider. The main objective is that the parts of a mobile can be changed as the technology improves, preventing the current trend in which mobile phones constantly change according to the new processors, cameras, and more powerful hardware.


According to the patent, it is a modular electromagnetic device which the social media house aims to make it a smartphone as well as a smart speaker.

Google planned Ara last year but could not carry it forward due to many reasons which ultimately led to the delay in its release. Google also had to remove some features that proved to be very challenging, finally resulting in the cancellation of the project.


This project is now under the charge of Regina Dugan who is the ex-director of DARPA and former director of the project division and advanced technologies of the tech giant Google, who was the same person responsible for Project Ara as well.

After the failure of Google, Facebook will give it a try with its customized version. However, now it is too early to say that when will Facebook make it official or hit the market. We can expect many rumors and leaks in the coming months about the new project of Facebook.

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