Find Out Why We Use a QWERTY Keyboard

Whether it is a computer, laptop or a smartphone all have a similar kind of keyboard that is the QWERTY keypad. It is named QWERTY because of the first six letters in the alphabet row.

Now you must have thought that why does it start with QWERTY and not ABCD? There is a specific reason behind it.

When the typewriters were first made in 1868 by Christopher Sholes. He has to arrange 28 keys from A-Z. During those days telegraph operators used typewriters which had the letters in an alphabetical order which made them understand the Morse Codes.


However, it made their decoding work difficult and slow. And then the QWERTY keyboard worked like a magic for them.

Another story says that the mechanical typewriters when used the serially placed alphabets then the letters used to get jammed of their typing speed. So when they started using the QWERTY keyboard it prevented jams and typing became easier.

So this is the reason which is why we still continue the QWERTY keyboard and not the proper alphabet order.

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