Five cameras in one smartphone – LG V40 Rumor

LG is one of the famous brands. The company keeps bringing new smartphones with the high-end features as well as the midrange features packed devices in the affordable rates. It has many series which has different features according to the target market. Not only has that LG also had its flagships which give good competitions to the rivals. Recently, LG has released  LG Q Stylus which is the mid-range smartphone with a stylus. This release grabbed the attention as right now in the market only Samsung is ruling with stylus smartphone which is the Samsung Galaxy Note series. So LG tried to bring that feature to the mid-range for the budget conscious customers. LG has released two of the flagship smartphones in 2018, the one was  LG G7 ThinQ which was announced in May and the one was LG V35 ThinQ announced in June. Both of the smartphones created a buzz with their back to back releases.


This time LG is again in news not only for its upcoming smartphone but with the feature it is going to add into it. It is been leaked by the Android Police that LG is coming up with something great. It is being speculated that now that all the big brands have been launching the triple cameras like Huawei P20 Pro, LG is also going to work on that. It is also in news that Samsung will release Samsung Galaxy S10 with 3 models and one with the triple camera as well.


The coolest part here is not the triple camera enhancement in LG smartphone. LG has tried to make something big and is now up to bring the five cameras in a single smartphone. It will be the first smartphone ever to be launched with five cameras. HTC has also released  HTC U 12 Plus which has a total of four cameras, two on front and two on back. LG is going to bring these cameras like triple camera setup on the back and dual setup on front.


It has now become difficult to stand out in the competition as every day brings new technological advancement with the new smartphone. The competition is high and rivalry is strong. The big companies are trying to make better devices every day to satisfy their customer need. Apple has been in news also to bring out the triple lens camera as well. The camera has become the most important part of the smartphone devices as all the brands are focusing on it. There was a time when dual camera setup was appreciated but now all the companies are coming up with triple lens camera setup in their flagship smartphones. The camera enhancements don’t mean that it is just an additional lens, the increasing number of the lens makes the camera quality much better as each and every lens is dedicated to performing a single task. The combination of camera sets makes the picture quality really high and improved like Huawei P20 Pro. The five camera set up by LG V40 can already create the image of best camera result and photography in smartphones.


If the news is going to be true the next flagship of LG V40 will be the device featured with the five cameras. It is expected that the cameras might have 3D mapping technology. LG smartphones have traditionally combined a normal camera with an ultra-wide-angle shooter.  A telephoto lens is the most sensible move from here as it would help portrait mode. Moreover, dual front cameras are not the new feature as it is already been observed in the LG smartphones. The front-facing camera is not only for the photography purpose but for the security face unlock as well.


LG V40 Price and Availability

LG V40 Price in Dubai

The LG V40 price in Dubai, UAE is not revealed yet. It would be a great move of LG if it is launched with five cameras. The five camera initiative by LG can draw all the attention on this smartphone. The price of LG V40 in Dubai will be according to the specifications and features added into it. As it is a premium smartphone it will be costing high.

LG V40 Release date in Dubai

Nothing is being confirmed by the LG itself. The smartphone is yet lined up to release this year but LG has already released two of its flagships this year. If the LG V40 releases with the five cameras in the same year it might get the all the limelight of previous models. Moreover, the release date of LG 40 is expected to be at the end of 2018.

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