Five Things Note 8 Can Do but iPhone X Cannot

The Galaxy Note 8 is the latest device from the house of Samsung. And so is the iPhone X. Both the devices have created a commotion in the market.

The Note 8 made people forget the bad memories of the disastrous Note 7. We have today brought some points about the Galaxy Note 8 which seems like an extra advantage over the iPhone X.

The S Pen


The stylus named as S Pen is an important part of the Galaxy Note 8. You can quickly jot down some important points or draw doodles. And the S Pen which comes with Note 8 is extra pressure sensitive and will surely not disappoint you.

Apple also has a stylus dubbed as Apple Pencil which is found in iPad Pro. But the iPhone X doesn’t have any such pen.


Increase ROM using SD card


Apple iPhones do not support the micro SD cards. So if you are an iPhone user then you know that you can increase the phone memory, you have to manage with the limited internal storage.

However, in the case of Samsung smartphones you are free to boost the ROM as you can easily insert an SD card and enjoy more space in the device.


Wireless charging


iPhone X is the first device of Apple which supports the feature of wireless charging. While Samsung had implemented this feature long back when the Galaxy S4 was launched.

However, when the Cupertino multinational introduced the wireless charging option, the concept then gained immense popularity.


Many lock/unlock option


In Samsung Galaxy Note 8 includes six methods of getting the phablet locked/unlocked. You can opt for PIN, password, pattern, Touch ID, Iris scanner and facial recognition.

Whereas the iPhone X has the feature of Face ID only which recognizes the user’s face to unlock the device.


Samsung Pay better than Apple Pay


Samsung Pay works smoothly, you do not need any special pad, dock, strip or many such things as required by Apple Pay. Apple should work on it make Apple Pay more user-friendly.


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