Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone-Samsung’s New patent with WIPO

The dream of having the foldable smartphone may come into reality sooner. Samsung is trying to make this dream come true. The South Korean company files a new patent with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) related to the design of the foldable smartphone.

Samsung submitted different designs of the foldable smartphone. One design is a 5-inches phone folding out to 7 inches tablet. Another design allows the user to bend the screen at 90 degrees. The rumored model of Galaxy X is SM-G888N0.

samsung-files-patent-with-the-wipo-for-a-foldable-phone-1 samsung-files-patent-with-the-wipo-for-a-foldable-phone-2

According to the patent, the popular foldable phone holds two large display screen separated by a metal strip. The strip lets the user fold the device accordingly. If not in use, the screens can be folded back to guard the display screen against scratches. The device is given three antennas thus ensuring better signal interface.


When in use, bending one screen over other lets the user to view the single screen at a time. Samsung may plan the limited production of around 100000 units of foldable smartphones to check the customer response.

The note from Samsung top mobile executive, Koh Dong-Jin says that Samsung may release the foldable headset in 2018. So we can expect the company to show off the product either at CES or MWS.

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