Get the Insurance of iPhone X at the Time of Purchase

If you are planning to invest your hard-earned to buy the modernistic and fashionable iPhone X, then read this article carefully before taking decisions in haste.

iPhone X

We all know that the iPhone X will hit the markets globally on November 3. And it is priced at a whopping cost of AED 4729. Now, what if it mistakenly falls from your hand? Of course, you will get a mini-heart attack when you find the glass screen shattered!

iPhone X

Recently, Apple has revealed that how much it will cost to repair the iPhone X screen. In case if you damage the screen of iPhone X then you have spent AED 1010 which is double the cost of an iPhone 6’s screen replacement charges.

And you do not secure your iPhone X with AppleCare + then be ready to spend AED 2016 to recover the damage. If you want the company to deliver the iPhone X after repairing it to your home then pay an additional fee of AED 25.53.

iPhone X

Visit Apple’s website where they have mentioned the cost of repair for the different iPhones. If your iPhone is covered under AppleCare + then it offers an accidental warranty.

Under this, you will not be charged a single penny of your damage your iPhone accidentally. And if the device is not insured under the AppleCare+ then you will be charged as per the rate list fixed by Apple. The best way out is to get the insurance at the time of buying the iPhone X.

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